For those familiar with the Final Fantasy VII universe, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a beloved installment in the FFI saga. But what makes this game unique is its fusion system, which gives players an almost unlimited potential for customizing their characters and gear. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to best utilize the materia-fusion system in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and make sure you get the most out of your gaming experience!

In Crisis Core: Last Dream VII Reunion, the proficiency of the video game’s merger system is the key if you prepare to uncover the whole story and unlock all trophies/successes of the title.
What are the best material dishes in the video game?
To address this and more, you will discover the finest material that are offered by fusion in Crisis Core: Last Dream VII Reunion and how to combine them.

Best Material Blend in FFI Crisis Core Reunion

To begin highly.
The general best damage-oriented, melting product of the video game are Jump/High Jump, Gil Toss (just in the last, since using the complete possible Zack is denied of big quantities of Gil.) And costly punch.
Darkness is likewise a good option.
The very best exclusive material with magical damage is quake, gravity and clearable paired with dual cast.
On the other hand, the very best melting health or support-oriented product in the game are Cuba (early game), Cu raga (late video game) and wall, of which the latter offer protection versus physical and magical attacks.
The usage of rain can also be useful in the early video game.
It is essential that your support-oriented material has high HP-focused under statistics, since reaching 99,999 in the late/ post-game phase is a must.
Libra is likewise a need to for every single build, however it is strongly encouraged to merge it, considering that the Material can be brought at an early stage by the QMC store of the research study department.
You can discover how you can open all shops in the game in our instructions for activating all stores in Crisis Core: Last Dream VII Reunion.
After this has been said, you can look down below how you produce all the Material mentioned:
Treatment: recovery (mastered) + scale/ scale (mastered) + healing/ healing (mastered) + recovery (mastered).
Guts: Rain + Libra (mastered).
Barrier: Fewer + HP Up-both at level 1.
Wall: Tail + HP Up.
Darkness: gravity (mastered) + Gravity/ Gravity (mastered) + Libra/ Libra (mastered) + Gravity.
Gil litter: mug (mastered) + scale.

  • Costly blow: hammer strike (mastered) + scale (mastered).
  • Dive: AP up + Silence Blade.
  • High dive: Foreign blade + AP up.
  • Grave: gravity + scale (mastered).
  • Dive: Darkness + BMW (e.g. Rush Assault).
  • Flare: Tripwire (mastered) + Libra (mastered).
  • Libra: Dash + every DMW-focused material (e.g. Rush Assault).
    Given that a number of the Material Master levels pointed out above need to be merged, we highly recommend that you take a look at how you can quickly increase your material level in the video game.
    You can play Crisis Core: Final Dream VII Reunion now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • This article was updated on December 20, 2022