Dennis Schröder (born November 9, 1993) is a German professional basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association. He was drafted in 2013 by the Atlanta Hawks and has been with them since then.

National gamer Dennis Schröder wish to remain connected to expert basketball until the high professional athlete age.
I definitely want to play up to 40, at a good level, stated Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA professional on the mediator Kai Flame’s YouTube channel.


I want to play once again in my club in Braunschweig, added the primary investor of the Bundesliga club of Basketball Lower Braunschweig.
The 29-year-old local of Braunschweig would likewise like to compete in a non-German club prior to: Perhaps in Madrid or Barcelona.

The Point player approximated his commitment in the United States: I may have three or four or 5 excellent years here. And then I wish to go to Europe and I wish to get a championship with Braunschweig.
At the age of 40, however, it should be an end at the most recent, then he desired to concentrate on entrepreneurial activities.
In his profession strategies, Schröder likewise gives himself something on his colleague and NBA superstar LeBron James.
I talked with LeBron about the length of time he wished to play. And LeBron actually stated that he wishes to play five, six or seven years. And he will now be 38.
Schröder was trained in Braunschweig and developed there to become a Bundesliga player.
At the age of 19 he made the advancement, and he relocated to the NBA to the Atlanta Hawks in the United States.