The Hero Fortnite Academy event presents the drops of All Mighty Supply on Battle Royale Island.
These drops contain a new incredibly powerful element that players can use to help them get their next Victory Royale.
Here, we will be explaining where to find All Mighty Drops in Fortnite and what is inside, so you can use these gifts for limited time.

Fortnite All Might supply delivery locations

All Might Supply Drops will appear throughout the Battle Royale map, according to our experience.
These locations change each game, but the good news is that their locations are marked on their map with an Might icon, as shown in screen capture below.

Image credit: epic games through
It is worth noting that both All Might and the standard variety of Supply Drops can and will fall on the island during the duration of the event.

What is in all might supply deliveries?

Opening one of these drops will grant you the ability Debut Smash.
Debut Smash allows players to take advantage of the power of One for All and unleash a powerful punch that destroys both structures and eliminates opponents.
The ability has a magazine size of three, which means that you can use it three times before it is completely exhausted.
The uses will not be recharged over time, so you will want to use it in moderation and maintain a load or two for when you really need it.
That is all you need to know about where to find All Mighty Drops in Fortnite.


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