Vampire Survivors continues to add more value to such a low cost with a new expansion called Legacy of the Moon spell for PC and Xbox consoles.
The expansion adds a new scenario, more weapons, achievements and characters.
One of the new characters is Kenya Mon spell and requires completing some challenges to unlock it completely.
Here is how to unlock Kenya Mon spell in Vampire Survivors.

Kenya Moon spell unlock in Vampire Survivors

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The new character is only available in the Legacy of the Moon spell expansion, so make sure you are installed on the platform you choose before facing any of these challenges.
You will know that it is installed when the Mt. Mon spell stage appears on the stage selection screen.
Kenya Moon spell can unlock evolving the Silver Wind.
Silver Wind is a new weapon introduced in the expansion and must also be unlocked to get Kenya.
First, you will have to get the character of Ming Moon spell.
Ming is already equipped with Silver Wind, although there is a separate challenge to unlock Silver Wind for all the characters.

Using mine is easier since you already have the weapon to start.
A career begins at any normal stage such as Ming or another character with the equipped Silver.
You will also need the object of the heart of Summarily, so hold it when it appears when rising level.


Improves the Silver Wind to its maximum level during the race, and should evolve to Festive Winds.
Complete the race to unlock Kenya Moon spell, which can be bought in the characters’ selection menu for 25,000 coins and is already equipped with the Four Seasons weapon.
That is how to unlock Kenya Mon spell in Vampire Survivors.
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