Characters in Final Fantasy VII were born with the concepts of main character and secondary character. So, is there a possibility that Zack should play a more important role in the remake like Cloud?

In June of this year, Square Enix introduced the second phase of the Last Dream VII remake for PlayStation 5 with Last Fantasy VII Rebirth.
In a meeting with the Japanese Fujitsu, the voice star Knight Bujumbura shed a couple of words about the job as well as, on the one hand, confirmed that in Last Dream VII Renewal he will certainly once more get on the function of character Zack Fair and provide his voice to him.
The voice actor suggested that the developers of Square Enix could have chosen to expand the duty of Zack in history.
Bujumbura: The amount of things that I can really discuss is really restricted, yet it seems that Zack also plays an energetic function in the video game (laughs)..

The launch should take area in 2023.

Bujumbura did not explain, however with his declarations it should have made it clear that the work with the setting of Final Fantasy VII Renewal remains in full speed.
The 2nd phase of the Last Dream VII remake has thus far not been launched and was only confirmed for publication in 2023.
Also, if Rejuvenation will certainly take up the occasions of the initial component and proceed its background, according to Creative Director Betsy Nora, players will additionally get their money’s well worth who only get involved in the three-part remake legend with Rebirth.
According to official info, the core of the initial Final Fantasy VII story from 1997 is preserved.
On the other hand, nevertheless, the developers will certainly use the chance to provide the game world of Regeneration with different little secrets and optional material with which the plot and also background stories of the various personalities are increased.
The largest difficulty is as a result to make use of the story of Last Dream VII sensibly without shedding the initial experience.


The lower line is to motivate both newcomers and fans of the initial released in 1997.
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