There are several locked spaces and hidden places with prey, which can be accessed using special keys in the game mode DMZ Call of Duty: War zone.


A scientist’s locker is one of such closed hiding places that players can unlock with a key.
The locker can provide you with some valuable items, so it should be checked.

The location of the scientist’s cabinet in the demilitarized zone

The scientist’s locker is located in the Okla Observatory, which is located at the top of the Mount Maya Mountain at the El Mara center.
In the marked place you will find an underground tunnel, into which you can get through a giant hole on top or two entrances, as shown in the second image.
Continue to go along the tunnel, and you will finally get to locked lockers.
Use the scientist’s key to open it and collect the prey.

Before going to this locker, you must note that the Off Observatory is a strictly protected territory.
So be careful at the entrance to the tunnel and first destroy armored enemies.

how to get the key to the scientist’s cabinet in the demilitarized zone

Unlike the key from the control crane, which can be obtained by completing the mission of the fraction, there is no certain way to get the key to the scientist’s locker.
You can find it as a random item, like many other keys in DMZ.
The best places for searching for keys are lockers, supplies with supplies, shops and booty, dropped by dead bots and players.
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