The Wes Craven Scream franchise is one of the most iconic horror films series even to this day, since it subverts the expectations of fans of the tropes of horror movies in the 90s and was excellent to reproduce the targets
Aspects of the series.
We have just received a new fifth installment of the series last year, but if you are wondering when the sixth Screams movie will be released is what we know so far.

When is Scream 6 launched?

To go directly to the grain, Scream 6 will be released on March 10, 2023. According to a new Deadline report, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will return to direct the film, with James Vanderbilt and Guy Buick as screenwriters.

Courtesy Cox, who plays Gale Weathers, revealed that he also received the script from the film and that the filming will begin in Canada this June.


With the way the fifth film ended, we are likely to see the return of some of the new faces that were introduced in Scream 6, with more pranks around Ghost face to come.
For now, that is all we know about when the sixth Scream movie will be released, but we will keep it updated as we receive more information.
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