Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) has updated the Black Desert Mobile New Class Male today (13th).

Mage is one of the first twin classes introduced in the Black Desert Mobile and the Black Desert.
His brother USA is first added to the Black Desert and is scheduled to be updated in January 2023 on the Black Desert Mobile.
Twins, but each character has a clear personality and charm.

Mage uses the fox’s soul as a main weapon.
Using the fox’s power, the company has a gorgeous and soft attack technology, and has a quick movement technology to respond when an emergency comes.
It is characterized by the Korean colors, such as the technical name from the four ruins of the Taegeukgi.

At the 2022 Cal peon Banquet held on the 10th, in addition to Taegu, new server opens, new content new contents ▲ Hazard ▲ Outlaws ▲ Fantasy Dine ▲ Field Head Apollos.

We added a new server open today to play games in a new world.
If you solve your daily mission for five weeks by 09:00 on January 17, 2023, you will pay special compensation.
▲ The axis of chaos ▲ [Abyss] 15 crystal boxes ▲ Support for beginner adventurers ▲ Plus comprehensive packages will be held until separate guidance.
New and return users of existing servers can also benefit the same.

New difficulty Sahara, Desert Specialized New Ride Fantasy Dine, and the Design Field PVP Regional Outlaws.


We have increased the pleasure of adventures beyond the concept of difficulty expansion, such as meeting a wandering merchant who sells various rare items, or discovering a treasure chest and obtaining material items for black spirits.

Field head Across is scheduled to be updated in January 2023.

Kim Chang-wook, head of the Black Desert Mobile, said, It was a meaningful time to meet with the adventurers around the world through the Cal peon banquet.

The Cal peon banquet is a large-scale user global event that is held regularly every year.
This year, we invited users to new homes and prepared various entertainment such as dinner, performances, user events, and keyword talks.
In addition to offline, the event was sent in real time through YouTube channels.