When you reached the end of the robbery of the Battle Field and run to the awards from the Seraphic chest, you may be unpleasant to get to the locked chest.
While typical Glimmer and XP awards are good, you are here for seasonal armor and weapons.
To unlock the chests at the end of the Battleground Heists, you must give 500 seraphic keys.


Here’s how to get Seraphic’s keys in Destiny 2.

Where to get Seraphic’s keys in Destiny 2?

You can get Seraph keys from any action from the playlist, as well as patrols.
In total, Vanguard Strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible, Patrols and Battleground Heists will give you Seraph key codes after completing.
Every week after the first coincidence in the playlist you get an increased number of codes, but this amount will decrease when this task is completed in the future.
Seraphic keys are used to open Seraphic chests that appear at the end of the robberies on the battlefields.
These chests appear only after the last meeting, so you will have to complete all the actions to get these awards.
Each chest costs 500 graphic keys to open it and contains additional awards that will help you with prey.
To open the Seraphic’s chest, hold E interact with a chest, while consuming 500 codes.
On the 12th and 32nd ranks of the subscription of the 19th season, you can earn an increase in the code of the Seraphic key, which increases the number of codes that you receive from actions.
These bonuses develop and are of great importance when you are looking for codes.
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