Mist lands update for Latham added many items to the game, each of which serves unique goals.
One of these items is a design called Fountain of Lights, but it is unclear how it works and how to make it.
Our guide will explain everything that you need to know about the creation of a fountain of lights and its use in the foggy lands of Latham.

how to create wisp fountain in Latham

To create Wisp Found, you must first collect 10 stone resources and one torn spirit.
This is where you can find all the resources for creating Wisp Found, listed below:
Where to find a stone-you probably already know how to get this resource, but for those who are poorly familiar with Latham, you can get a stone, hitting the stones, at least, with a cornea pick.
Where to find a torn spirit-you can find a strange resource called Torn Spirits, defeating Youth in the Plains boomers.
Starting with the update of Mist lands, at least one torn spirit falls out of the lamb after death.

How to place a WISP fountain in Latham

To place the VISA fountain in Latham, equip the hammer and click them with the right mouse button to open the Building menu.
In the Construction menu, go to the Creation tab and click with the left mouse button on the WISP fountain.
By clicking with the left mouse button on the WISP fountain, you can place it by clicking the icon of the left mouse button again.

How to use a WISP fountain in Latham

The main idea of using Wisp Fountains in Waldheim is to get WISP.
Lights are neugustible creatures that players can choose and add to their inventory.
The lights will also appear only at night in different quantities, so you must wait for the night in Latham before getting a light.
Most of the lights that we saw at night were about three lights.
Later, you can use any lights that you catch to create objects that will help you better see in the biome of foggy lands and scatter the fog surrounding it.
Here’s how to create these items and what they are in Latham:
How to make a light torch-you can create a torch of the light after you find your first fire by placing the fountain of the light at night.
To create Wisp Torch, you will need one Yggdrasil Wood and also one light for construction.

  • How to make a light light-to make Wisp Light, you need one silver as well as one light per unit.
  • How to get a Visit get a light, you must wait for the night in Latham.


How to use Wisp Lights and Wisp Torches in Latham

You can use Wisp Lights by installing them on a quick access panel by clicking on them.
Equipping the lights of the light will make the light follow you, scattering any fog to which you are approaching in the biome of foggy lands.
However, Wisp Lights only temporarily eliminate fog.
It is best to get rid of the fog forever, to put the WISP torch, since it will remove any fog next to it, but only at the ground level.
To scatter the fog above in the biome of foggy lands, you must build high structures and put torches on them.
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