It is time to bring them back to a world on the edge of extinction in After US, the new project of Piccolo Studio.

Released by Private Department, the video game is planned on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series for spring 2023.
In a world damaged by an endless society, anguish is seized with living beings.
By progressing through both alarming and sumptuous sets, the leaflet is to bring the labor back into these lands.
Gaia, heroin, can ward off the tragic fate of creatures by conserving their souls and revive this world.
The task will not be easy, but do not these creatures are worthy of a 2nd chance?

After Us is a video game that speaks of Cherry and despair.
We have sought to produce a grip experience that mixes poignant narrative, special mechanics and creative ideas.

Alexis Coronas, Video Game Director at Piccolo Studio
The brand-new project of Piccolo Studio is above all a narrative adventure where the gamer will have to experience his reasoning.


By browsing the lands of this devastated world, many puzzles will be present on the roadway.
Conserving the extinguished animals will not be simple however will permit you to face a poignant narrative.


Qualities of After Us