Pokémon Scarlet and Purple introduced more than 100 new Pokémon of generation 9 in the Pale region, but also selected more than 200 Mons from previous generations to return.
Among these selected specimens, there are a series of powerful Pokémon that are some of the best options to use in your team, both during the game and in competitive battles.
We have compiled a list of the most powerful creatures of this group, classified by its total base statistics, so follow to see the 10 Pokémon that return stronger to use in Scarlet and Purple.


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Starting the list is Flores, a fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Kilos region of generation 6
found in the SP. ATK and SP. Def.


To better capitalize this, you must find a Flores with a shy, quiet or modest nature, since this naturalness will further increase the SP. ATK of Flores, making this type movements even more powerful.
However, Flores has a couple of weaknesses, so he will want to plan the rest of his team to cover and balance them.


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Originally from the original 151 Pokémon of Kant, Ar canine is a beloved fire-type dog and one of the best types of fire available in scarlet and purple Pokémon.
Ar canine makes a solid choice to add to your team and successfully fulfill the role of a strong offensive unit in most scenarios.
The total base statistics of Ar canine reaches 555, and its advantages are Attack and Sp. Attack.
Ar canine also has valuable skills with intimidating, Flash Fire and Justified, who can help in battle if used correctly.
To better benefit the strong attack statistics of Ar canine, the nature you want to consider for your competitive construction is Adamant, which will further increase the Ar canine attack.
Alternatively, you can also choose Bold or Impish if you are looking to increase their defense and make Ar canine statistics a little more uniform.


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Dragon ite is a very solid pseudary-read
Complete with a total statistic of 600, the best Dragon ite statistics is, from afar, its attack statistics, but also has SP. ATK and SP, DEF very solid.
To better capitalize Dragon ite’s power and turn it into a true threat, you will want to consider an Adamant or Jolly nature, since Dragon ite’s attack statistics will increase to a small cost of some SP. ATK.
Of course, however, the Dragon ite SP. ATQ was already decent to begin with, so this compensation will not cause any important decrease in that area and will be worth the use of physical movements.


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Hydration is a powerful dark type Pokemon and dual type dragon that is a great addition to any competitive team with a total base statistics of 600. Hydration also comes with the levitate ability, which makes it immune to earth-type attacks and
Movements like Spikes. Hydration’s most powerful statistics is SP. ATK with a value of 125, followed by Attack with 105.
The best natures for Hydration that you will want to consider are Modest, which will increase even more SP. ATQ to a small cost for Attack, or Timid, which will increase its speed to a small sacrifice of its Attack statistics.

However, Hydration can only be achieved by the evolution of a wears, so if you need information on how to do it, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide on how to evolve Wears to Hydration.


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Catapult is a Dual/Ghost Pokémon introduced in the Gala region of Generation 8, and one of the Mons that return stronger in scarlet and purple.
Catapult has some of the best available skills, with Clear Body, Infiltrator, Cursed Body.
In addition to this, it has a total base statistic of 600, being its most impressive statistics its speed of 142, attack of 120 and SP. ATK of 100. To make the most of the Catapult statistics and skills, you will want to try to get one with
An inflexible, modest, shy or cheerful nature.
Adamant will increase the attack at the coast of the SP. ATK, balancing them a little, while Modest will increase the SP. ATK at the cost of speed.
Of course, as Speed is your best statistic, this really just ends up balancing everything a little better without major inconveniences.
On the other hand, Timid will increase the speed at the cost of the attack, and Jolly will increase the speed at the expense of the SP. ATK.


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Salience is an excellent incorporation into any competitive team such as Pseudolegendario with a total base statistics of 600. Salience is also one of the best dragon type Pokemon available in scarlet and purple, so if you are looking
A brilliant choice.
Salience’s strengths lie in their 135 attack, their 110 SP. ATK and its speed of 100. Salience also has solid skills with intimidation and its hidden ability, Moxie.
To make the most of Salience as a true powerful threat, one must get one with the nature of Adamant, which will further increase your attack on a small cost of your SP. ATK, or Jolly, which increases its speed.
And he gives a small bite to his SP. ATK.


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Good may seem like a super friendly Pokémon due to those adorable eyes, but don’t let that deceive you;
It is one of the Pokémon that returns stronger throughout the game.
As with any other pseudo-legendary, Good has a total base statistics of 600, being its most impressive statistics its SP. Def de la Cholera of 150, followed by SP. ATK of 110. The hidden ability of good,
Gooey can also be beneficial, reducing the speed of the enemy Pokémon every time it hits Good with a physical movement.
For the nature of Good, the best options to consider are Modest, which will increase your SP. ATK and slightly reduce your Attack, or Calm, which will increase your SP. Def and reduce your Attack.
Good can only be achieved by evolving a slight under certain conditions, so if you need help to do it, you can consult our complete guide on how to catch Gloomy and evolve to Good.


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Traitor is an exclusive purple Scarlet, but that does not make him less candidate to have in your competitive team.
For purple players, looking for one through Link Trade will be worth it, since the beast has a total base-legendary base statistic of 600 and some very solid individual statistics.
The most impressive are an attack of 134 and defense of 110, followed by HP and SP. Def decent, both to 100, which makes it the perfect monkey to use as your equipment tank.
For Tyrannical, the natures of Adamant, Careful or Jolly are the best.
Adamant will increase the attack and reduce SP. ATK, Careful will increase the SP. Def and reduce SP. ATK, while Jolly will increase speed and reduce SP. ATK.
Traitor can not be found in nature and can only be achieved by evolution of a pupil.
To get more specific information about this, see our guide to evolve purine Tyrannical.

Gar chomp

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Gar chomp is a powerful dragon Pokemon/dual-type land and pseudo-legendary who debuted in the Singh region of generation 4 and returned to the Pale region of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.
Gar chomp’s hidden ability, Rough Skin, is also advantageous, since it inflicts a part of the damage that Gar chomp receives from any physical attack on the attacker.
Gar chomp’s most impressive statistics are their 130 attack, followed by HP of 108 and speed of 102. The best nature to be considered for a competitive par chomp is Adamant, which increases this attack statistics even more at the expense of SP. ATK, or
Jolly, who adds an impulse to the speed of Gar chomp at the expense of his SP. ATK.
The Gar chomp evolution line is also relatively easy to achieve.
The final stage, Gar chomp, can even be achieved in the supramundo, with a water type available in the west province (area 2) inside a cave.


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Slaking makes him the Pokémon that returns strong
This makes Slaking a very robust fighter and an offensive beast.
The best natures to consider so that Slaking is used in all its potential are Adamant, which further increases its immense attack power at the expense of its minor SP. ATK, or Jolly, which will increase the speed of slaking a bit, as well as slightly.
Reduce your SP ATK.
Slaking has great potential to cause mass damage to your opponents, especially when it is crystallized, so you should consider choosing one of these types for your equipment.
That concludes the list of the 10 strongest Pokemon that return to use in Scarlet & Purpura.
To get play guides, information and more useful lists, see the rest of our Pokémon Scarlet and Purple content here in.
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