It was only on Monday that J├╝rgen Kinsman made it clear as soon as again in a statement on Twitter how he implied his controversial statements worldwide Cup game between Wales and Iran (0: 2). However, the topic is obviously not yet over.

After Iran’s nationwide coach Carlos Quartz, who had actually scored Kinsman’s words as embarrassment for football and whose resignation from the FIFA technical study hall had required, Hassan al-Ghamdi also shot versus the 1990 world champ.

Elitist, orientalist and in a way racist

In his role as a BBC specialist on the sidelines of the game last Friday, Kinsman indicated that unreasonable game and the irreversible modifying of the referee team were part of Iranian culture. This is their culture, they make sure that you lose your focus and concentration, he had actually discussed literally.

Kinsman had previously announced that they call Quartz by phone to calm things down. He only explained the emotional habits of the Iranian players on the square, which remains in a method even admirable.

I do not wish to use the word, I will just use it when because I do not desire to give the word to the word, stated the head of the World Cup organization committee in an interview with Talk sport, but Kinsman’s words are really elitist, orientalist and in a manner racist. Do you desire to say that it was misinterpreted? He has actually shown a culture negatively.

My comments on the Wales video game against Iran were simply connected to football, Kinsman had stressed on Monday. Unfortunately, this was torn from the football context. I have a lot of Iranian good friends and was constantly complete of praise for people, their culture and their history.


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