Who made the reservation or simply bought Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are entitled to receive exclusive bonuses to be rescued directly in their game. To do this, you must unlock the Mystery Gift menu and enter the codes received by email or printed for physical edition.

How to unlock the Mystery Gift menu?

Like multiplayer functions, the Mystery Gift menu is unlocked when you visit your first Pokémon Center at the beginning of the adventure. Following Demon, the first center is nothing less than South Province No. 1.

At the end of the tutorial you can open your main menu with the X button and click on the Poképortal option. At the bottom, you will see Mystery Gift. Click it to select via code or password.


The list of mystery gifts to collect

Here is the list of awards that can be rescued so far. As a reminder, these are unique codes that you should recover by email in the case buy at Nintendo Shop or the game box in physical edition.

They can be obtained by Feuary 28, 2023, and must be registered before March 7, 2023.

Obtain Special Pikachu

Unlike the gift codes that offer adventure items, the specialized Flying Pikachu is obtained by clicking on the via the internet option. Nintendo Switch online signature is not required. You will receive Pikachu directly on one of the boxes on your PC.

Finally, don’t forget that four special room Phone cover are available if you have old Pokémon Saves on your Nintendo Switch console. You need to talk to you on the stairs in Mendoza.