Digital Entertainment company Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Piloting) through the K-Content Space Caves (K-Verse), a global meta bus platform The Sandbox, Meta Toys Dragon, MTDZ) announced on the 25th that it has opened its experience.

CABIN is a K-content space that wants to create and consolidate Korea’s major contents and intellectual property (IP) brands. The Sandbox, which founded the Korean branch in October last year, has partnership with various contents companies such as sandbox networks and is pursuing diversification of meths content centered on Korea IP. As part of this, The Sandbox will run a CASES Mini Event with various partner companies from 24th to 7th of next month.

The Sandbox Network will be the opening member of the Cabers Mini Event based on the close partnership with The Sandbox. The Sandbox Network, which launched the PFP NFT platform metatoy dragons based on the content IP-based PFP NFT platform in March, is creating a core roadmap that creates a Web3 ecosystem centered on IP through the cooperation with the sandbox.

Since the Sandbox Network signed a partnership with the Sandbox in 2020, it has obtained the artist authority, the producer of The Sandbox in January. In addition, the company buys a large land consisting of 144 land in The Sandbox and expands the meta-toy dragons ecosystem into The Sandbox Megabus. It is being promoted.

The Sandbox Network will further embody the preliminary work to operate the permanent MTDZ land in the future through the participation in the case mini event. In addition, in collaboration with MBC, which is cooperating with the production of meth bus content, MBC offices, characters, and news desks were implemented.

The first floor of the MTDZ experience is made in the form of amusement parks. Through the MTDZ character, it is configured to perform a maze, such as a maze or a wallet, or a game (various parkour).


The first basement is composed of MBC News Desk and Gallery. Anyone who is not the MTDZ holder can access the MTDZ Land, and users are known to be able to enjoy various plays in the MTDZ experience and receive certain rewards.

Han Jang-gyeom, vice president of Sandbox Network Web3, said, This MTDZ experience open is significant in that it is the first result of the realization of the meta bus world built using MTDZ NFT. We will continue to cooperate with the box and the permanent MTDZ land construction.