Flatbeds is a fabulous type Pokémon, first presented in X & Y. He has five forms that differ depending on the flower, which he holds, which led to his evolution in five different types of Fliest and Forth. Given the variety of plants and flowers around Pale, you may want to catch all five forms of flab bee in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is where to find them.

The location of each form of flab bee in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While the two forms of flab bee can be caught early around the postulates (the yellow flower and the red flab bee flower), it is more convenient to wait to collect all the forms of flab bee until you have access to the northern province (zone 3). This is a small area of greenery behind the Glazed Mountain. Here you can find Ortega, the leader of the Fairy style team.

The entire northern province (zone 3) is strewn with colors of different colors. To find the flab bee you need, you just need to find a floral strip that corresponds to the color of one of its five forms:

  • Red flower
  • Yellow Frisbee flower
  • Orange flower
  • Blue Globe Flower
  • White Globe flower

Just be careful. Wild Pokémon in the Northern Province (zone 3) have a level of 40 to 49, and their coaches are sometimes higher than this level. Colette, its evolutionary form, is also often found in this area. And, if you are lucky, you can see Flores surrounded by flambes.


The Northern Province (Zone 3) is also the best place for a brilliant hunt for this flowering Pokémon. Its brilliant shape has a white-violet body instead of a white-green body.

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