Finally, one of the controversy Pokémon characters gets his exemplary punishment We are not talking about a member of a villain group, however rather of an old tensioner standing in front of an arena.

In a Reddit post, artist Matt onyx shares his vision of what must happen to the old man. To do this, he transforms the 2D scene from the video game in the course of the clip into a 3D scene and lets arena supervisor Erika Revenge practice.

Pokémon secures get just punishment.

Day a day he stands in front of the windows of the regional plant Pokémon-Arena. If you talk to him, you will also discover why: He is delighted that the arena has lots of females. Simply put: he tenses.

In the Pokémon video games, their wild beasts, crooks, ghosts and other ominous figures fulfill. One who is not an unknown face in the community is an old man in Prismatic City.

A fan obviously has enough of the old perverting and is now spinning its story in its own animation.

However, see on your own:

Instead of simply giving him even more, Erika intervenes and calls her Armenia. The huge beast lifts the arena, grabs the baffled man with his tendrils and swallows him. Problem solved!

The community celebrates it

In the comments, the artist is praised for the project. On the one hand, his animation skills are celebrated, but on the other hand, the reality that the history of the old man finally comes to an end.


If you want to see more such cool Pokémon animations with intriguing twists, you must visit the artist’s Reddit page. Possibly you have actually seen a few of his animations prior to.

Nevertheless, some likewise understand that the animation loop looks like the perverting merely respawn again. Hence, he and Erika are captured in an eternal time loop.

If you believe a big Armenia is frightening, then have a look at these births of hell. Here a fan peeled popular Pokémon:

Day a day he stands in front of the windows of the local plant Pokémon-Arena. If you speak to him, you will also discover out why: He is delighted that the arena is full of women. Rather of simply giving him further, Erika steps in and calls her Armenia. The substantial beast raises the arena, gets the confused man with his swallows and tendrils him.