Unity, which provides real-time 3D content creation and operating platforms, has released a 2022 Unity Multi Player Report that can easily understand the demand and preference for multiplayer games.

According to the report, more than half of the world’s population (52%) plays the game, and most of the gamers (77%) enjoy multiplayer games. In addition, social factors have the biggest impact when deciding to buy and participate. Unity recently launched game server hosting and matchmaker, allowing all-scale studios to use basic production tools that enhance the development of multiplayer games and realize improved connected game experiences. Along with the newly released tools, the multiplayer solution portfolio from Unity Gaming Services (UGS) has become more powerful.

According to the 2022 Unity Multi Player Report, social factors are the most important consideration when purchasing multiplayer games or participating in the game. When choosing a game, the most considered genre is the most considered game (34%) and chat (31%) with friends in the game. An important factor in playing games is the game to participate quickly/fast matchmaking (35%) and match making (33%) to find opponents that fit the level of skills.

In particular, the report also deals with the player’s preference. First, 91%of real-time multiplayer gamers enjoy cross-play games. Both core gamers and casual gamers are expected to use paid payments in the game, and more than half of all multiplayer gamers have purchased DLC (Downloadable Content) for 30 days before the survey is conducted. There was. In addition, the game genre selected by core gamers and casual gamers has been shown to be no big difference. Although the proportion of core gamers was relatively high in traditional multiplayer games, casual gamers were not limited to specific game types such as card games and puzzles.


Jeff Collins, an engineering SVP of the Operation Solution Division, said, Multiplayer games are very popular and the types of games are much more diverse than before. Until the large-scale Battle Royal genre, gamers have participated in the game with others and have a smooth social experience in all multiplayer games. You can connect the player regardless of the type of multiplayer game.

Unity developers can create and release multiplayer games faster and more efficiently with the new self-service features of Multiply and Matchmaker, a game server hosting service. Multiply is a Added Game server hosting service that allows developers to accommodate millions of players in a few minutes. Developers can use matchmakers to adjust matching with rule-based matchmaking, and can produce better multiplayer experiences with rapid matching and low delay.

Net code for game objects has also been recently released. The solution is a basic framework and a high-end networking library designed to simplify the development of small-scale cooperative games. Unity unveiled a total of three new multiplayer sample games, including a large battle royal game produced with Photon Fusion, so that developers can learn new features and multiplayer networks in various game types. You can learn more about new self-service features and sample games on Unity Blogs.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Unity Multi Player Report is a 2021 and 2022, when Unity conducted an online survey of multiplayer gamers in four countries (US, UK, Korea, Japan) out of the top six countries. I used data in 3Q. The survey’s response is about 1,500 gamers, with 50%core gamers (Battle Royale, FPS, and third-person shooting, and mixed with MOB, MMO, racing, sports, and fighting games every week. Gamers who play multiplayer games for more than 4 hours) and 50%casual gamers (gamers who play multiplayer games for more than 30 minutes while playing games for more than 2 hours).

The 2022 Unity Multi Player Report Korean text can be downloaded from the official Unity website.