The month of the blows in GTA online continues with new bonuses and rewards to motivate you to participate in some of the most important criminal activities of the saints. To be clear about everything that awaits you this week we have prepared the following guide with all the news until November 23.

All bonus and discounts until November 23, 2022

Podium vehicle

In the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort you will find the roulette of fortune waiting for you to turn it and choose to win some of its awards, among which is the podium vehicle, which this time has touched the luxurious gallivanted Baller St.

Articles to get free

For completing the final of Mayo PERCO you will take the Cuban shirt simply, but it will not be the only thing, because by performing the final mission you will get the Stickler hat. In case it was not enough, just logging you will deliver the American fist shirt and the baseball bat shirt.

On the other hand, when you immerse yourself in the ocean, try to look for 30 hidden drivers to earn $100,000, while the challenge of the Car Meet de LS prize VH Three days in a row.

Special vehicles in concessionaires

In the Premium concessionaire Simeon Yerevan luxury cars you have a few special cars prepared for you to try for five minutes to discover how they yield and buy them in the event that you like them. They are all the following:

In addition, in the showcase of the Luxury Cars dealership you will find the Grotto Italy RSX and the Overflow Morgan to check its statistics and characteristics in the event that you want to add more vehicles to your collection.

exclusive bonuses of PS5 and Xbox Series

As usual the versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have bonuses that await you in Hào’s Special Works and are all these:

Special rewards and bonuses

The missions of the blows have their prominence these days, along with other activities, due to the fact that you will get more money and reputation points than normal, so take advantage of your time to play all the following:


In the discounts we find that the preparation costs with Mayo PERCO are 50%, but you can also take advantage of weapons such as the military rifle or the combat shotgun cost 30% less.

In vehicles, we find that the Osaka submarine and all its improvements and modifications have a 35%discount. In turn, the following vehicles have received these sales:

Bonus with Prime Gaming

Finally, Prime Gaming subscribers who link their account with that of the Social Club de Rockstar Games will take 125,000 dollars to log in at any time of the week. To this we must also add $500,000 more to play at any time before December 7 and another 500,000 additional dollars if you are members of GTA+.


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