Empire magazine h published two new images about Indiana Jones 5 of those caused by butterflies in the stomach. In the first we have Harrison Ford once again the archaeologist, while in the second, we still find a clue about the film’s setting. Wing with the leaks, rumors and previous ads, many fans give confirmed the idea that part of the tape will ps in the New York of the 60s, will include trips in time and put Indy before all kinds of historical events.

It is fulfilled or not, the publication will not leave until November 24, so we will have to wait until then to know the captures, interviews and surprise that lie among their pages. For the trailer, meanwhile, we must have a little more patience. James Man gold, director of Logan and this new installment, dropped a week ago that will be launched in December.


Indiana Jones will have your own series at Disney+

The images arrive just a few weeks after Lucfilm confirmed their intentions to make a character of the Disney+character. There is not a single detail about it. We do not know what titles are considered, the scheduled date, their possible plot and do not even know if we are talking about a spin-off or a prequel to the movies. The only thing that seems clear is that Harrison Ford will not return Indian Jones.

A few months ago, John Williams, the laureate composer of the saga (and Star Wars, Jursic Park, ET, Superman, Harry Potter, Shark and… well, we better leave it already) I dropped that Harrison Ford will retire after Indiana Jones 5 and even announced that he w thinking about doing the same after 30 films with Spielberg, 52 Oscar nominations and five statuettes. This new installment of the saga may be more emotional and symbolic than we thought.

It will be curious to see the future of the brand and the character in that new series, because some time ago, Chris Pratt resigned to be Indy because of Harrison Ford. Star lord had recorded a few words from Ford in which he said When I die, Indiana Jones dies. He didn’t want anyone to spoil his legacy over exploiting the saga or replacing him. Will it be against the series? Will they have ked him? Will you collaborate in it?

New Indiana Jones video game

In ce the new movie and the future series knew little, there is a new Indiana Jones video game. It remains to be seen if it is good The Fate of Atlantis, but at the moment those responsible are up to it. They are the boys of Machine Games, part of Bethesda, who have shown what they are capable of resurrecting the Wallenstein series in the way they have done so. Nothing h been revealed about it beyond that it will tell an unprecedented story, it looks incredible and will be exclusive to Xbox.