There is no real movie based on Rockstar Games’ main franchise, Grand Theft Auto. However, it is not as if the possibility had never been considered, as rapper Eminem could have participated in a production.


A GTA movie with Eminem could have existed

We have never seen a single image of what could have been GTA x Eminem. And if you are wondering the reason, and it is quite simple: the House others, founders and heads of the studio at the time, would simply have refused the proposal.

That’s right that Kirk Ewing, co-founder of the Deemed application but also and above all creator and head of State of Emergency, a Beat-the-all published by Rockstar Games, through a BBC podcast for the Grandest Game program.

According to him, while Kirk himself and Sam House were in a hotel, Sam House had made he has known that he wanted to make the GTA franchise a movie, and at the time GTA 3 had just been released.

Later that night, Kirk Ewing said he received a call at 4 am from a Los Angeles producer. He had a proposal: a GTA movie with Eminem in the lead role, Tony Scott in the realization and 5 million dollars of budget. Sam then answered I’m not interested.

A Rockstar Games made a mistake?

The question everyone is asking today is: Rockstar Games made the wrong way to refuse this adaptation? It was the early 2000s, and Eminem was a success in music, but also in the movie 8 Miles, while Tony Scott also finds success thanks to several of his movies: Top Gun, The Beverly Hills Cop 2, the last Samaritan or enemy of State.

However, as you know today, GTA titles are selling as well, and especially GTA 5, which has reached more than 170 million sales worldwide. Nowadays, nothing indicates that Rock star has plans to make a franchise movie, but if the studio decides to risk it, it can be a real success.