There are few more wonderful things than to find references to other games while playing a game that you like a lot. God of War Ragnarök has references to other games for a while. Use Kasia’s poems, a book-shaped collectible, to describe in verse any of PlayStation’s most prominent titles. Then tell you what they are and where to find them all.

Spoilers notice: This publication contains God of War Ragnarök spoilers.


Kasia’s poems in God of War Ragnarök

Kasia’s poems with a collectible books distributed by the nine kingdoms. They are a total of 14, they have a purple halo and are usually very well hidden in their locations. The difficulty of finding them is rewarded by the surprise that each hides: a nod to a PlayStation game.

The dawn of nothing, Kasia poem

The poem is described as an unusual genius by Kasia. The title already offers clues, but it makes very clear its origin with Features coated with steel, noble warrior, You can submit them and Fire Red Hair and Hunt to the beasts. The poem speaks of Horizon Forbidden West. The noble warrior of Red Fire Hair is Away!

The Land Orb of the Great Society, Kasia poem

I admit that it cost me to catch it, but all the verses fit when you fall into the game. The key track is in the hands, a branch. A launch, a great blow. The public rises. The image of the book looks like a brooch or shield… but makes more sense when you think of a ball. The poem refers to Madden NFL.

those that remain, second part, Kasia poem

This has no mystery. The title and drawing of the cover are unmistakable. It is not necessary to read the poem to know what game speaks: The Last of Us Part II. The cruel and tenacious father and his new adoptive daughter refers to Joel and Ellie. The first verses talk about the zombies and the last about the end of the game, which so much debate continues to cause today.

Carrack y Play, Kasia poem

This can cost the youngest fans, but PlayStation veterans should capture it on the flight only on the cover of the book. The first verses give it away: One is hairy, the other is metal. Friends forever, until the end. Obviously, the poem refers to Ratchet & Clank.

Abandonment in the hereafter, Kasia poem

Another wink that is unmistakable. The title is not so obvious, but the drawing of the cover is unmistakable: Death Stranding. The poem is very brief, and each verse is composed of three words, but does not need more to describe the game perfectly. The funniest thing is the introductory description. Very funny, Santa Monica Studio.

Visions after nap, Kasia poem

This poem is not as evident as the previous ones and the track that betrays the wink is in the initial description provides readers for their own tools to create stories. There is only one possibility, and it is the wonderful Dreams. You can create your own games and play the creations of other players.

Spirits on the walls, Kasia poem

This is the most complicated poem to decipher. Not because the poem is bad, but because the game is not as well known as the rest. We are facing a text that talks about the specific Genie game.

The official description of the game confirms it: Create your own street art in the contaminated walls of den ska and observe how the mischievous geniuses that paint come alive and come to your help.

Celestial Construct, Kasia poem

If the cover of the book has not betrayed the wink, then you should look back, when you bought the PS5 and tested the Dual sense triggers with a fun game full of winks to the PlayStation games. Indeed, this Kasia poem speaks of Astronaut or Castro Playroom.

Find a place that is not on the maps, Kasia poem

This Kasia sonnet talks about an adventure of a humble man who with cunning and an inheritance ring, anxious to finish well covered. There is only one character that fits this description at PlayStation games. The poem refers to the only and unparalleled Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

Travel, Kasia poem

There is not even the slightest mystery in this poem. Those who have played this game will have caught the reference as soon as they have seen the cover and seen the title. Indeed, we are facing a poem that speaks of Journey. If you have not played this wonder, you have my blessing to close this publication and start playing.

Oriental spectrum, Kasia poem

This is ultrafast! This poem is not western, but oriental. It is a haiku, a brief Japanese poem. The brevity of this type of poem forces the poet to mean a lot by saying the minimum. In case the location and cover has not betrayed the wink, I tell you: Ghost of Sushi.

An organization: in the future, Kasia poem

You are not going to see them coming. The cover of the book is the only thing that can betray this wink if you are not a fan of the game. I admit that the verse brooms that shoot fire is somewhat confusing, but it takes some meaning with the wolf in the slaughterhouse. The poem speaks of the forgotten The Order: 1886. Future, but not much.

Sanguine, Kasia poem

My favorite of all! Another brief poem whose majority of verses are composed of three words. The cover makes the wink evident and the poem finishes the task. Kasia refer to the iconic Blood borne. A lot

The dead do not drive, Kasia poem

Kasia makes it easy in the last poem. If the cover has not betrayed the game, then the poem should do it to see it. The steel, oil and more leather horses are motorcycles and sucks. Two brothers who go on motorcycles and fight against fallen that rise (zombies) and with the past that shudders. There is no doubt that the poem speaks of Days Gone.

These are Kasia’s 14 poems and his locations! When you get all you will get the library mouse trophy. Remember that you will not be able to get everyone during your first pass due to lack of tools such as spear or purple arrows, so be patient and do not get.