As successful that have been the Grand Theft Auto games, this has been a series that has remained away from the cinematographic world. However, this is mainly due to Rock star, since there have always been some attempts to do this a reality. Thus, it was recently revealed that there were plans to carry out an adaptation with Eminem in the leading role.

In an interview in the Podcast of Buggy Malone’s Grandest Game, Kirk Ewing, agent and co-founder of the Virtual Avatar application Deemed, him and Sam House, Rock star head, discussed the possibility of making a Live Action movie by Grand Theft Auto, with Eminem as the protagonist, and Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, in charge of this film. This was what Ewing said:

Due to the relationship he had with Rock star and Sam, I really traced him to his hotel room one night where he knew he would stay for a while, and we both were awake late, and we talked about the possibility of making a movie.

This was just after Grand Theft Auto 3. And I think at that time, I was still in Sam’s mind that could be something he wanted to do.

I remember receiving a call around 4 a.m. From one of Los Angeles producers with an offer to make a movie, and he said: ‘Kirk, we have Eminem to star in, and it is a Tony Scott movie, five million in the nose. Are you interested?

And I called Sam and said: ‘Look, you have to listen to this. They want Eminem in the movie Grand Theft Auto and Tony Scott to go. And he said: I am not interested.

At that time, they retired from any conversation about making a film, when they realized that the media franchise they had was larger than any film that was happening at that time.

Recall that at that time, Eminem was recognized for his performance in 8 mile. In this way, the idea of having a film starring the artist did not sound like a bad idea. Unfortunately, Rock star opposed this idea, something they continue to do until today.

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