At the t booth participating in the 2022 G-STAR (G-Star), the new set of ‘Team fight Tactics (TFT)’, a League of Legends auto Battler genre mode, ‘Monsters Attack!’ He said he would prepare a brand zone to demonstrate.

The on-site demonstration event at BEX CO’s first exhibition, Ben Booth TFT Zone, will be held for 20 days from November 17, the G-Star 2022 event. t Booth TFT Zone will hold various events in conjunction with the new set experience of TFT.

First, we will experience new sets and present TFT goods when entering the fourth place within the in-game. In addition, in connection with the stamp tour event held by t Booth, one stamp and a new TFT set sticker will be presented when you follow the Instagram @PlayTFTKR account.

We will also run the ‘Overcome the Creator’ with the influencer. 11/19 (Sat) from 13:00 to 15:00, ‘ Custom Experience of 8 Modes with Sengkang Sing & Pal Line ‘ and 11/20 (Sun) from 13:00 to 15:00 The Custom Experience ‘Custom Experience’ Event of the General Mode with will be held. If the ranking is higher than the participating creators, the TFT legend will pay a doll.


On the other hand, the name of this TFT set is ‘Monsters Attack!’, It is more flexible and flexible even if it compares with any update, which is a completely new type that specializes in certain units, not allies. It is characterized by a variety of strategies. In particular, TFT gamers are showing great interest in the characteristics of ‘threat’, which is the mascot of the update, but the stat itself is composed of superior units.