PONCE has released the Xbox version of the 2D rogue light action vampire survivors .

This work is a 2D rogue light action that survives from the night monster approaching with a horde to the dawn. Despite the simple game play of automatic attacks only by moving only, the huge volume and the sense of accomplishment when surviving the horde are popular, and the PC version has been a huge hit since early access.

The Xbox version launch trailer, which was released at the same time, introduces unusual reviews from overseas media, such as Lumbar in Experience Orb, along with the play of this work. Of course, the attacks and elements in the video really exist in the game, and the exhilaration of this game and the thrilling when surrounded by a horde will be transmitted.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS has been released for Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. The PC version officially released on October 21 is also on sale at Steam/Microsoft Store. Xbox Game Pass also supports PC Game Pass.