A few days after the third edition of the YouTubers 3 great edition is disputed that will measure Spain against France, Mario has given the final call on the 20 creators of content that will defend the colors of the country in Parisian lands, and that will feature IAI Llanos and Jordi Wild as team coaches.

The list of the 20 content creators, are the following:

  • Mario
  • Cache
  • Permute
  • PPI Gave
  • Sparsity
  • Rubies
  • Marched
  • Under
  • Alex by
  • Virus
  • Flavor
  • Miikelmst
  • Front09
  • Mostafa
  • Kokomo
  • Pumuscor
  • Alex Sylvester
  • Elmo
  • Pereira
  • Willie

The final location of the meeting was also mentioned in the presentation itself. Although it was not clear if it would be in Spain, there were some clues that made us think it could be in the French capital. Finally, it has been confirmed that the place will be the Jean Bruin Stadium in Paris. If you want to buy tickets and see the game in this stadium next to the Princes Park, we leave you the link here.

A team of luxury commentators

If you cannot move to French lands to see the game, as is normal, you can follow it for free through the Mario channel. For the narrative he will have two luxury experts such as Axel and, especially Miguel Ángel Román , experienced narrator who is currently in DAZN and who has also touched the world of electronic sports narrating FIFA matches.

The French have already uploaded a video in which they train in the field where the game will be played. So the images look like, it could be artificial grass, and this field would welcome some 20,000 fans . On November 19 we will see if the Spaniards reign in France, or it will be the Gauls who claim victory. At the moment the time has not been confirmed, but as the days progress, and we know more details we will tell you here.