In the current steam sales ranking, new titles such as Call of duty modern warfare 2 and Harvested are ranked high.

The top five rankings of Steam’s current global Sales ranking are as follows. In addition, the same ranking is in the ranking limited to the Japanese region.

Sales ranking

  1. Call of duty modern warfare 2


  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

  4. Harvested

5. Heaven Burns Red

The first place was the latest work of the popular FPS series, Call of duty modern warfare 2. While the first place in each platform store, it is a very strong start, but there is no shortage of topics, such as resale of limited skins and complaints of real hotels that have become models.

The fourth place in appearance was Square Enix’s new slow life RPG Harvested. It is a work that has taken a slightly different approach to the genre of the slow life and ranch Sim, which is to focus on the world crisis while growing crops in the field.

The fifth place is the basic play Heabumburns Red, which is a free basic play brand Key, which is handled by the long-established adventure game brand KEY, resulting in three Japanese titles. The sixth and seventh place include Sonic Frontier and Tactics Bourbon to be released this week, but it is likely to climb up after the release.

Pick up the game you care about!

Dave the Diver, which has recorded 14th in the global ranking and 13th in the Japan Ranking, explores the sea during the afternoon, captures fish, and has gained a sushi restaurant at night. It is a hybrid marine adventure game that operates. A comical character, such as a good physique diver and a little Kwame board, will also appear.

STUMBLE GUYS, which is located in the 23rd place player with about 21,000 players, is a clone game similar to Fall Guys. In the App Store, it is a work that has been downloaded more than 163 million times and has been downloaded more than 163 million times, but it seems that it has gained a certain popularity on Steam. In the background, it is possible that it is a free play, and that the original family Fall Guys moved to the Epic Games store due to the acquisition.