Netizen Games has officially launched Mobile Survival Game Deadbeat Mobile on October 27.

Dead-Dale Rate Mobile is a game that moved the PC Game Dead By dale Rate to a smartph1. After being officially released in the global market in April, it has been in front of domestic users after about six months.

The game is divided into one murderer and four survivors. The user who is in charge of the murderer characters and plays the remaining four, and the survivors will play the game with the goal of surviving to the end by utilizing some concealment, cover, and various features.

Various murder characters from various media and legends appear in the game, and these characters have different abilities.

Netizen Games supports users’ convenience by adding a variety of rewards and benefits to optimize the operation method and help understand the game system.


In addition, with the launch of the game, the Japanese horror novel ‘Ring’ and collaboration updated the novel Sadat Nakamura and Survivor Chichi Alabama to the character in the game.

In addition, the ‘Cursed Videotape’ event site provides Sadat Collaboration top-Video tape (closet) item.