Ne tease Games, known for development and operation of Wilderness Action and Identity V Fifth Personality, has announced a new game studio GPTRACK50 .

GPTRACK50 is a game software development company with 100%investment in Ne tease Games. The purpose of the establishment is to deliver original works to users from Japan to the world. The company aims to create an original IP, mainly in the consumer software business, and aim to develop a media mix for the world.

Mr. Yuri Kobayashi , who has been producer of famous popular series such as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Devil Mean, Senior BASRA, and Dragons Dogma, has been appointed president. He retired from Cap com at the end of March 2022 and moved to Ne tease Games.

In addition to Hirobumi Kobayashi, it is said that experienced professionals in the game and video industries are gathering.

Yuri Kobayashi, comment from Ne tease Games

■ GPTRACK50 Representative Director Hirobumi Kobayashi comment

In order to create high-quality games and high-quality video works, we believe that Ne tease Games, who has already invested in many teams in Japan and overseas, and jointly develops, is a very reliable partner. By understanding the development and values of me and the staff, and having the development support with the uniquely of me, we will deliver the original works that will create even more powerful teams and enjoy users around the world to every1. The goal is to do.

■ Message from Ne tease Games

GPTRACK50 Co., Ltd. aims to create original IPs that are attracting attention around the world. We create original games, and aim to grow and expand the works by developing a wide range of developments, such as series and visualization. Kobayashi, the president, was involved in the production of live-action movies and CG animations of Resident Evil, and as a producer who is involved in media mix development such as live-action visualization, animation, stage, and manga development of various original IPs. I have been active.

Taking advantage of this experience, we aim to grow the created IPs and expand to the global scale, such as the sequel production of the hit work, the development of visualization, novelization, and nominalization.