Toys and games have expanded beyond being simply for children and can be incredibly valuable for collectors, as well as an important part of the experience of an anime or Manila. Some of the most successful anime and MAN WHA franchises are still alive thanks to the collectors who buy and enjoy toys related to property stories.

Some anime and manga are based on a toy line or a card game, which adds a unique dimension to the property. Having collectibles and physical memories adds to the enjoyment of these shows, almost with a fourth wall or interactive element incorporated. If you are ready to experience this form of entertainment, or you are looking for something fun to collect, here you have the 10 best anime-based toys and Manila for your enjoyment.


Image Source: Bakunin Officer

After the failure of the first series of this fighting game with toys, the franchise revived a few years ago with a new anime series, more transformative toys and a collectible card game. Together with the great two, Bakunin has all the similarities with Pokémon and Digimon, but what makes Bakunin stand out are the transformative toys in miniature that pass from the ball mode to the battle mode of creatures after rolling on a source Magnetic

After this automatic transformation, you can manually transform your Bakunin into its spherical form. New tricks are being introduced all the time, such as new Bakunin in geometric shape, Bakunin Combination and even LED light effects. If you like to follow the anime, you will easily enjoy collecting the toys and playing the collectible card game.

The collectible card game is a good crossing between Magic The Gathering and Pokémon TCG, but requires skill to roll your Bakunin on magnetic nuclei to open them and fight. Unfortunately, from this article, it seems that the aspect of the collectible card game is in pause, which could be permanent. However, even if you do not follow the anime or play TCG, these little ones are great for any toy collector who likes transformative robots, wicks, Kiev and miniatures. I definitely give them a look and get some while you do it!

Great 10

Image Source: Young Toys

The most recent Manila CGI of South Korea and Young Toys, Super 10, was launched in February 2022 and follows the trip of a young teenager named Benji and his two friends Skylab and Aiden (names folded in English). This series is a spin-off and a pseudoevolution of the previous series Metalions of Young Toys and presents transformative robotic wicks that become several animals that combine in a powerful giant robot. It is a premise with which almost any anime fan will be familiar, but it will be difficult to find a modern anime story with the fun and happy attractive formula that Young Toys is improving all the time.

In the center of the earth there is a super stone that keeps the earth in balance, and an evil villain named Omega wants to absorb the last super stone that needs the earth. A family cartoon that will please anyone who wants to see something calm and adventurous, and this series is now available in English dubbing in transmission services.

The toys line is similar to the quality and genius of the other successful Young Toys franchise, slums, but focuses more on mechanical and animal combinations. With additional weapons accessories to collect, this series is also inspired by Super Sendai / Power Rangers. Official American toys have not yet reached the US market., So you will currently have to import these toys if you want them sooner rather than later.

Hello carbon

Image Source: Hi Carbon Official

Hello Carbon is a Manila CGI of South Korea for children who continues the success of the first Mensa Robots, although of a different study. Hello Carbon was launched in 2014, but it is not simply another cl1. The Hello Carbon stays consist of following the adventures of a main protagonist, Chat an, a child who receives a mysterious package that turns out to have a cube capable of becoming a robot car. From there, more carrots enter Chat an’s life and help him with the challenges he faces in daily life, and they also take him to regular adventures. This is not a typical story of good against bad, but there are a variety of different plots to maintain surprising and interesting things.

The toys line has large transforming mechanical robots that are impressive on a larger scale compared to most market toys. The previous generations of toys Hello Carbon possessed an inspired tribute to the original G1 transformers of Tamara Tom, and the most recent releases have become more friendly for children with simpler designs and transformation sequences. Unfortunately, there has not been an English translation yet, but hopefully, that will change in the future. Anyway, if you like anime toys, transforming mechanical robots and science fiction; There are many hello carbon toys to see and add to your collection today.


Image Source: Young Toys

The new wave of Manila CGI for children from South Korea has begun to achieve international success thanks to the episodes bent to English and toys launched in the US. UP. Following the example of heroic transformers and cartoons Young Toys in South Korea in 2010 and has covered several seasons based on three different timelines. The original Robot series covers four seasons and follows two young people Ryan and Kory Char (folded names in English) along with his father Franklin, who created slides to help him and his children after tragically losing his wife in an accident in an accident and be paralyzed.

In the next timeline, Athlon, a primary child named Kyle Hughes, joins a robot racing league with three sluts built by his mother. The most recent timeline, Robot V Galaxy Detectives, follows the child Tyler King after he discovers an alien galactic weapon that can shoot at a limited amount of vehicles and give them life as slides. The second season continues with a new protagonist, Victor, and all timelines present cowardly and hilarious villains.

The toys line of this franchise presents transformative toys on a relatively large scale that are high quality, colorful and bright. Unlike Transformers, this toy line is designed mainly thinking about children, but it is easily seen in the shelf of any adult collector with Transformers and other toys and anime statues. It is possible that the robots do not have a more expensive collection line, but their excellent construction quality and unique designs give them an attractive presence. The best of all is that, compared to most Transformer toys, the robots are more intuitive and fun to transform between their vehicle and robot modes. Test robots if you like to see cartoons for the whole family and collect these toys if you like to collect mechanical robots.

Bey blade

Image Source: Tamara Tom

Bey blade has strengthened since 1999 and continues to shake the world of toy fighting games. In fact, it is the number one toy fighting game and remains indisputable after all this time. The real game of rotating the trumpets and trying to eliminate opposite trumpets dates back to ancient civilizations around the world. But let Japan create manga and anime that combines a child’s adventure with fantasy elements on a hero’s trip to be the best fighter.

Starting with the metal fusion series, Bey blade has experienced an evolution of both the cartoon series and the toys line. Currently, the Bey blade Burst Anime series has recently finished, but the Burst Ultimate toys line is still completing its career with planned future lines. There is a lot to enjoy the funny story here, but true action begins when you get some of these toys and struggle against your friends.

Hasbro currently manufactures cheaper Bey blade toys that are easier to get and fun to play, but you will want to import the authentic Tamara Tom Bey blades from Japan to get higher quality beys with more tricks inspired by anime and customization options. Everyone should try Bey blade because it can be a fun distraction between longer board games on a game night with family or friends or can become a serious competitive hobby with tournaments that are carried out throughout the world.

Dragon Ball

Image Source: Banzai Spirits Global Channel

Dragon Ball is nothing less than a legendary series that is one of the few manga that reaches the upper step of transmedia expansion and international success. Covering multiple anime seasons adapted to manga, the canon has even expanded to original anime series and a completely new Genovese created by Action RPG video games. The franchise has also entered the scope of the fighting in 2D competitively. To top it off, Banzai relaunched the collectible card game that is easily erected as possibly the best TCG with anime theme of all time, full of thematic battles and complex strategies.

When it comes to the toys line, it is difficult to find another series that takes advantage of the action figures. Overcoming any American toy brand and growing easily in internationally popularity, there are more than enough toys and memories that you can have in your hands based on the cast of Dragon Ball. Banzai regularly launches highly articulated and detailed characters, as well as sculpted statues that capture epic moments of the anime. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you can collect and play an incredible card game and exhibit epic action figures of the franchise.

Gun dam

Image source: Gun dam information

The most famous wick anime of all time, the story of Gun dam continues to expand its timeline with an epic variety of characters and plots. Bringing a space opera of dramatic science fiction to the audiences, the universe of Gun dam is diverse in its tone and subgenres; There is something to enjoy all anime fans or science fiction.

Gun dam’s plastic modeling kits, better known as Gupta for abbreviation, are the pillar of the series toys line. Although there is an increasing variety of fantastic action models and pre-assembled statues to choose from, unconditional fans prefer to buy these Gupta kits in box and assemble them themselves. The reason why this has become so popular is a phenomenon, but there is a unique reward for investing time to intimately remove the plastic pieces from their drinking fountains and then fit them carefully (and sometimes paste some selected).

Once completely assembled, Gun dam’s models are excellent outside the box with some stickers included, but many advanced builders accentuate the details with a fast-apograph pen and modeling paint. Although it sounds like an overwhelming task, there are different levels of Gupta kits ranging from cheap constructions for beginners to perfect grade sets (PG) that require a lot of investment and patience.

Super Sendai / Power Rangers

Image Source: My bright robots

Although technically it is not an anime or a Manila, Super Sendai belongs to any list of toys franchises because it is one of the oldest and longest-lasting programs in…