On the 29th, the domestic game industry also expressed condolences on the disaster that occurred in Itaewon-dong and stopped the Halloween event in the game.

First, NC soft finished all Halloween events in its major titles such as Lineage W, Also 2, and Lineage M. NC soft said, Taejon had a sad disaster in Taejon. First, it expresses deep mourning to the family of the Taejon disaster victims.

Net marble also decided to end the Halloween event, which was held in its representative works, including Seven Knights Revolution, Second Country, and Also Revolution. Net marble also announced the Seven Knights Revolution announcement, saying, ‘I can’t prohibit deep sorrow for the unfortunate accidents that happened last night, and I pray for the wounds of those who have returned to an injustice accident and wish the injured quick refreshing events.’ I decided to end early. ‘

Nixon also stopped the Halloween event at its online game Closer. In the case of Closer, it was difficult to continue the event because it was Taejon that became an area of Halloween Town Motive in the game. In addition, Nixon explained that related marketing activities have been completely suspended and are discussing whether the event is in progress.


In addition, Crampon also stopped Halloween events for games such as Battlegrounds and Battleground Mobile, and Pearl Abyss ‘Black Desert, Aka Games’ representative work, Odin: Gala Rising, Actozsoft in Korea Final Fantasy 14 also ended the Halloween event. In the case of Amuse, the Halloween commemorative and event phrases were removed, and the relevant rewards were modified as ‘autumn access rewards’.

As of 6 am on October 31, 154 people died of Taejon disaster and 149 injured, with a total of 303 casualties. This is the largest casualty that occurred in Korea after the Soon sinking accident. The government declared Yongsan-gu as a special disaster area and set it as a national mourning period until November 5th.

As many casualties occurred, game companies also had to worry about the event. However, in some games, the event ended immediately after the notice, and it was a pity that users did not give time to prepare for this.