Franchise maker Kazakh Kodak has as a result transformed brand-new projects as well as is presently servicing the investigative title Master Investigator Archives: Rainfall Code, which is quite similar in trailers. Nonetheless, he does not want to dismiss a go back to Danganronpa in the future.

Since Danganronpa V3, the history of the Murder enigma collection has been finished despite the temporary publication of the spin-off Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Season Camp.

Danganronpa: Kodak about the feasible future of the series

He might think of a return: It is not that I do not desire to play a brand-new Danganronpa video game, but I have a lot of concepts as well as want to develop something new. Eventually I will certainly return, possibly. Danganronpa is more of a niche, and now I am working with a bigger one, yet it would be trendy to go back to Danganronpa at some time.

In an interview with Twin finite, Kodak discusses why he at the very least briefly transformed his back on Danganronpa: I intended to do a new IP as well as Spike Consort didn’t press me into a Danganronpa follow up, so I decided to do that. To be truthful if I asked Spike Consort if I should do a brand-new Danganronpa title, you may state yes, so I didn’t ask (laughs).

Kodak mostly intended to develop a brand-new work to live out his willingness to experiment: I am not curious about doing the exact same thing that other individuals do. I don’t desire to choose the risk-free choice. When individuals start neglecting Danganronpa, I might be a lot more determined to service it once again.

Master Investigative Archives: Rain Code-A spiritual successor?

When people begin failing to remember Danganronpa, I may be a lot more determined to work on it once again.

The Danganronpa thirst track is likely to pick up a while, with Master Investigative Archives: Rain Code, however in spring 2023, the new job of Kodak will appear exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, which undoubtedly bears the programmer’s handwriting.

Kodak’s new work is not a murderous fight royale, but an excellent nose and also a brilliant mix are still in demand: In the function of Yuma, his indication, junior detective with an amnesia, you have to address mystical situations together with the spirit of Kirigami. A city serves as a backdrop where it rainfalls around the clock-so it is made certain.

He might think of a return: It is not that I don’t want to play a brand-new Danganronpa game, however I have a great deal of suggestions and also desire to produce something brand-new. Danganronpa is even more of a particular niche and also currently I am working on a bigger one, however it would certainly be trendy to return to Danganronpa at some point.