Actor Helena Taylor issued a statement on October 15 through his Twitter account. He has served as an English voice actor of Bayonet ta in the Bayonet ta series, but has dropped off in the new Bayonet ta 3. In his statement, he revealed why he had fallen and called on his fans for a new boycott.

Taylor is an actor and a scriptwriter and is also active as a voice actor. He often participates in game works as a voice actor, and has been in charge of the main character Bayonet ta of Bayonet ta and Bayonet ta 2 and her mother OSHA Lost. He is also involved in the Bayonet ta, who participated in the Super Smash Bros. series, Max, and the Dragon Age: Origins.

It was thought that Helena Taylor, who has been playing Bayonet ta for a long time, will be re-pitched in Bayonet ta’s English voice in Bayonet ta 3, but it is officially announced that it will drop in October this year. She will be in charge of Jennifer Hale instead. HALE is also an actor who is also active as a voice actor in the game work, for example, the female version of the main character of the Mass Effect series, and ash of Overwatch.

Regarding the replacement of the leading voice actors, Yusuf IATA, the director of the developer Platinum Games, explained that it became difficult to use Taylor again due to various circumstances (Nintendo Everything). ) The specific reason was not revealed, but this time Taylor talked about the background.

To put it simply, Taylor seems to have dropped the role of Bayonet ta in the new work because of too few rewards. He claims that he has been studying for many prestigious schools as an actor and voice actor for many years, and has been presented as a reward for the role of Bayonet ta in Bayonet ta 3. 。 He states that the amount of money dedicated to the series and his fans is insulting. The $4000 offers is the amount in the appearance of the whole Bayonet ta 3 game.

He states that $4,000 was the final offer, so it was expected to have a lower amount at first. It is not clear how much the rewards paid to the leading voice actors in the United States in the United States are over $4,000 in response to overseas media reporting this matter.

After auditioning, Taylor has been selected once as Bayonet ta in Bayonet ta 3. After that, he was in charge of the director and scenario of the Bayonet ta series, and in this work, he sent a letter to the executive director, Hide Kamila, about his value in Japanese.

According to Taylor, Kamila looked back on the first meeting and responded to the content that fans wanted to re-pitch, in honor of his contribution to his series. However, the presented reward was $4,000. Taylor also claimed that Platinum Games explained that he was busy as his reason for his dropping off. Taylor himself suggested that he had a false explanation, saying he had time.

Taylor asked his fans to boycott Bayonet ta 3 and donate the money to be used for the purchase to the charity group. He also suggests that this statement is an action after breaking the secret retention agreement. On top of that, Bayonet ta always stood on the vulnerable side and was a person who was fighting for justice, and asked fans to act in the same way.


About two hours after Taylor posted a statement, Platinum Games Hide Kamila has tweeted in English on his Twitter account. The content is touching false opinions, sadly deplorable and that is the only thing I can say now. It is not clear whether it is a tweet to Taylor’s statement, but if it is, one of Taylor’s claims may be different from Kamila’s recognition.

The change of the leading voice actor is a major event, and the case of Bayonet ta 3 was widely reported overseas. As a result, the statement of the content of Helena Taylor seems to be a great response. On the other hand, Mr. Kamila’s tweet described above has made it difficult for a third party to judge how true the statement is.

In any case, as a Bayonet ta fan overseas, you will want to be able to solve it well. In some cases, online signing activities have been carried out to postpone the release of this work and call Taylor. He wants to show that some fans support Taylor, even if they do not realize.

Bayonet ta 3 will be released on October 28 for Nintendo Switch. Katsuki Tanaka will be in charge of the Japanese version of Barnett’s voice actor, following the previous series works.