Anime Dimensions Simulator combines characters from various anime and manga into one experience and allows players to plunge into the world of their choice. From Naruto to Odin pie to znemchug dragon, the list of characters seems endless! Now, with the addition of Halloween 2022, the list has become one cell more with the introduction of fluffy (vampire king), a character with a limited circulation, which can only be obtained during the Halloween event. If you are interested in obtaining this character, but do not know how, continue to read a short guide below to find out more.

How to unlock the fluffs (vampire king) in the Anime Dimensions simulator

As mentioned above, fluffy (king of vampires) is a character with a limited validity period, which can only be obtained from this moment until the end of the Halloween event, which will probably end somewhere in November. To unlock the fluffs (vampire king), players must defeat him using the in-game scraping system-unfortunately, there is no other way to get this character. This means that, to the disappointment of many players, unlocking the fluffy (king of vampires) depends solely on good luck and nothing else.

How to use the Gallo wean Geisha event in Anime Dimensions Simulator

To use scraping the events of Halloween , Geisha, containing fluffs (vampire king), you will need a fair amount of currency characteristic of the 2022 Halloween event, sweets. As soon as you have enough sweets (at least 70 pieces), you can take them from Event Geisha using Event menu. The likelihood that you will pull the fluffy (vampire king) from Ga chi is only 0.5%, so do not be discouraged if you do not pull it out immediately-this is very rare!


How to quickly get sweets in Anime Dimensions Simulator

The best way to quickly get sweets is to clean Halloween dimension . Every six hours, players can earn up to 360 sweets, cleaning the dimension, which means that there is an opportunity to earn 1440 sweets every day until the end of this event. Players can also get a small amount of sweets every six hours, simply actively working in the Anime Dimensions Simulator, although it is more efficient to fight in the dimension of Halloween than just using this method.

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