In the new Nintendo trailer showed many gameplay shots Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. He emphasized many functions that should be present in the new game. One of them is the new team went, which, apparently, is a huge improvement in the quality of life.


What is the team went from Pokémon Scarlet and Wales?

The team went seems to be a function that you can use automatically in the open world to fight with other Pokémon. He sends your leading Pokémon right in front of you. At about 3:00 a minute, Equally was sent in the trailer and collided with Title. After the comic animation of the Quasi fight, it seemed to have lost a little health, but the notification on the screen informed the player that Quasi defeated his opponent and received Title a bundle.

The trailer also showed that the team went can be used to quickly collect objects from poke balls scattered in wild, sending its leading Pokémon to grab it.

Finally, the Forward team was shown during the battle with Team Star on Star fall Street. Your opponents Team Star will send their Pokémon to the open world, and not fight with you in traditional battles. You will need to use the team went to defeat all the enemy Pokémon at the base.

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