In the Lost Ark of the idleness is a bottomless dungeon which you can pass at the level of 2. The dungeon is part of the area of the gates of the paradise, which also includes calm Carlos as well as sanctuary Alaric . It is required that all eight players complete forge of the fallen pride dungeon, go through the main chain of Eaton’s tasks, and also have a minimum level of the subject 960 before the entrance.

How to go through the SEA of Minolta AdSense in LOST ARK

This dungeon is quite unique, as the players will go underwater in the scuba gear with a new set of abilities. For some time you will clean the mobs from enemies as the map passes and achieve the first boss. Deep-sea Arbors . This boss is quite simple to win, because as soon as you defeat it deep-sea Shank rim Call of the Shark, you will receive huge buff damage.


Throughout the battle, as well as for most of the dungeon, you will need to ensure that there is enough oxygen in your scuba gear. This is indicated by the oxygen sensor above the heads of the players. When your oxygen ends, you will begin to quickly lose a large amount of health. It can be easily replenished with oxygen bubbles that can be found everywhere.

When this battle is over, the players will face guardian guard Adam . This boss has the opportunity to destroy your entire team, so make sure that you rely on your teammates to get you out of potential deafening. If you are not careful, you can petrify after every four attacks, which will require your shock comrades for you until the strip above your head is exhausted.

An attack with one shot occurs when a warning message appears, due to which a gold ring appears around the random member of the group. The rest of the team will need to immediately get into the circle to avoid a huge attack. After that, you just need to evade his attacks and cause damage.

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