Yesterday it was officially confirmed Deadpool 3 _. Although many details about his introduction to MCU are still a mystery, the announcement had a very interesting piece of information, and that is that Hugh Jackman, who for more than 20 years gave life to Wolverine, will resume this role for the film starring Ryan Reynolds. In this way, The actors have revealed how this is possible.

As you surely know, Logan was an adaptation of the old man Logan comic, which gave this character in the cinema. Along with this, Jackman had mentioned that the possibilities of resuming Wolverine’s role were almost null . Thus, the actors of Deadpool 3 have revealed what convinced the Australian actor to become a mutant once again.

As they could see, we are not yet ready for this answer. Considering that Deadpool 3 will premiere until 2024, there is still a lot to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine once again. Next to this, nothing rules out the possibility that this ends up being just a joke, or a cameo of a couple of seconds.


Remember that this is not the first time something like that happens . In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we saw Patrick Stewart once again as Professor X. Similar to Jackman, Logan was the farewell of this character. It seems that Marvel and Disney have found a way to make the actors change their minds about the possible withdrawal of it. Is the following will be Robert Dawned Jr.? In related issues, you can learn more about Deadpool 3 here.