As you pass Lost ARK, you will face different world bosses, such as Enchiladas. The bosses like this will bring you sweet prey and rewards that will help you on your journey. If you are still at 2 and want to go to level 3, then this battle may be the best for starters. You will need to go to the northern part of Red Moonshine on the Eaton continent, as shown below red.

This boss has really a large strip of health, so it would be reasonable to enter the level of an object of at least 1040. You will also need to find this boss in the game calendar when you want to fight to track it. This will be the best way to track with what world You fought with bosses and what else remained.

How to defeat Angles in Lost Ark

The most important thing that you should pay attention to when battle with Angles is that it gives rise to fragments of a bloody moon in the north, south, east and west from its position. These fragments need to be destroyed when they appear to expose the Angles. He will try to immediately change his position, which is a signal for a better moment for an attack on him.

Below is a list of various attack mechanics, which you are likely to encounter:

wide blow *
* Angulate attacks a wide area with a powerful blow.
gap *
* Angled will make the surrounding ring 360 degrees, surrounded by stone spikes, which he will then direct and release. Spikes explode when hit.

Expanding rings *
* The rings will be thrown into players, from whom it is difficult to dodge.
Sucker Punch
* Annelids will create red circles on the ground, which will explode to give rise to small golems that will try to hit you.
medium-range ring *
* Similar to Rupture, but shorter.

After completion, you will receive several engravings on objects, as well as an insert that you fought with him for the adventurer Dayton’s folio.

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