Do you like to play role-playing games with friends, but you are tired of participating in popular games such as Adopt Me, Welcome to Homburg and Brookhaven? Then PGG has a guide for you! Below are ten unique impressions to which you and your friends can join right now to diversify your next session of the role-playing game. From dark and dull to cozy and warm, these events are ideal for a variety of role-playing games.

Ten unique role-playing games in Roblox

pedestrian tourism ⛺ ????

Want to breathe fresh air and spend a weekend with friends? Then check out Backpacking, one of the most joint, research and comprehensive camps on the camp on the platform. Players vacationers at Camp Backpacking can spend the day, admiring the beautiful flora and fauna in various trips on nature or in a free van, and then finish the evening, fried marshmallows, dangling with friends and even telling terrible stories. Around the flaming bonfire. Just make sure that you have a bear spray!

• rainy day in the room • Showcase

Despite the fact that Indoor Rainy Day is a rather compact game in which players can explore only one small booth, one of the most atmospheric environments that we have ever seen reigns in it. This cozy cottage with three floors and many characters in each corner is an ideal place for a simple party / role-playing game. Maybe you are visiting your girlfriend-Vedim, maybe you are an alienated artist seeking solitude, maybe you and your closest friends divide the hut for the summer-in a rainy day in the room enough details to be what you Do. If you like this experience, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other works of the developer, Aerophobia, and strongly recommend them Modern Bedroom • Showcase, in particular!


Although Greenville is by no means unknown, with almost a billion visits for his virtual belt, we feel comfortable, saying that he is still underestimated! At first glance, Greenville may seem just another experience oriented only on cars and cars, but in fact it is much more. Based on the real place of the same place, Greenville, Wisconsin, Greenville allows players to explore and play the whole city full of houses that can be claimed, entrance buildings and, of course, controlled cars. If you are looking for a citywide role-playing game, and you were bored with the repetition of Brookhaven or Livonia, you might try Greenville!


개화, which is translated from English means flowering, transfers players to the industrial and almost apocalyptic Korean street, which, although deserted, is still full of character and many details. The graphics of this experience are extremely impressive and allows the players to completely immerse themselves in the environment. 개화 Perhaps not the most fun role-playing play on the platform, but it is certainly one of the most realistic and atmospheric. If you are looking for a raw and sandy place for your next role-playing game or party, it can be your lane (without a pun).

Square mansion

If you and your friends are interested in a more centralized role-playing game, why not have dinner at Murder Mansion. In the game Murder Mansion Showcase 15, players are invited to a solemn dinner that can pass as you want. In this adventure, the gun is hidden-give this gun to the wrong guest, and everything can become deadly, which will lead to the search for the killer or to complete chaos. However, do not pay attention to this gun, and all 15 guests will be able to enjoy food, meet old friends and leave as happy as they came. The choice for you in the atmospheric, detailed and mysterious window Murder Mansion Showcase.

New York [showcase]

Virtually test life in a big apple with the help of New York. [Showcase] Experience in playing Roblox. As mentioned in the description of this experience, the goal of New York can be anyone you will make it-a place where you can hang out, chat or even just admire the view, the choice is yours. With many shops and buildings that can be included, the capabilities of role-playing games in this experience are impressively extensive, and, unlike other role-playing games in Roblox, the environment created by the developer of New York seems to be a real_. When you study this experience alone or with friends, you can feel the atmosphere of New York, wherever you go.

role playing in the cabin

Dude, this snow storm is becoming rather cruel, it seems that we can get stuck in this hut longer than we thought! In Cabin Role-play, players can either create a private server and play with friends, or join the public server and get acquainted with a bunch of new people. For those older than 13 years with a valid state certificate of personality or driver’s license, this experience is also compatible with voice chat, which can lead to funny chaotic interactions with strangers and even serious outright conversations. It seems that we are going to wait for this storm for some time, so it is better to get comfortable!

Cottage [showcase]

For those who are intrigued by the atmosphere of Indoor Rain Day, but is tired of its limited mobility, Cottage can become an ideal combination of research and aesthetics that you are looking for. This bizarre experience allows players to explore a small forest village, in which there is a fishing pond, several charming houses and even _Plastering rings. Do you prefer to play with imagination or be more realistic, this wonderful peaceful world can be the perfect base for your next role-playing game?

Small store working late [showcase]

Like the experience of New York, previously mentioned on this list, a round-the-clock store throws players to a lonely city street and allows them to interact with a detailed world around them, spending time with friends or strangers. Since this experience is over a year old, it no longer attracts many players, which makes it the perfect environment for role-playing games for you and your friends. Create various stories and play them in a laundry, a corner store and even in a kiosk with Ramen. If you look for good, you can find even two NPCs that can become part of your story!


Apartment in real life | Shine

Although we will not officially declare that we have left the best in the end, because all these impressions are unique in our own way, we will also not say that this is The that we say, putting the real apartment of the latter on this list. I wink. The apartment in real life is insanely interactive and exclusively detailed-with a convenient computer that teleports you to other places, and the charmingly grumpy cat that you can feed, it is clear that the developer of this experience has made every effort to make it as realistic as possible. If you are interested in making new friends or playing with those who you already have, an apartment in real life is what you need!


This is our list of the unique Roblox games that you can use for role-playing games! Have you played before in any of these experiments? Do you have any offers for our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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