Electronic Arts’ annual NHL game is already a topic in itself in many ways, but this is probably the first time that a real life NHL player opens up due to the coming release.

New Jersey Devils’ first reservation at the NHL’s 2019 Draft event was a centimeter Jack Hughes . At that time, Hughes’ most competitive partner for the number one place was the TPS Power Pier Capo Hakka , which was booked second. In the pre-booking season, the Canadian walker scored as many as 112 (34+78) points in 50 matches in the Canadian junior series, so the young attacker has no potential.

For the first three seasons, Hughes has been up-to-date, but very broken, as injuries have overshadowed the career. Last year was clearly better than the first two, with 56 points in only 49 matches.

However, the ambition seems to be too much as Hughes had opened up the total value of the NHL 23 game. Electronic Arts had told Hughes this value was 87. As a benchmark, the best top players could be 90 or above.

-I probably won’t play the game this year, the striker had commented.

Hughes had also been told that his brother Quinn Hughes is 87.

-That too is rubbish, Hughes had opened in social media.


-I know I’m better than 87. I’m realistic, I know where I’m going. I’m less than 89, but clearly better than 87. They have underestimated me for two years now.

The overall value is influenced by, for example, skating speed, acceleration, shot and feeding skills, physical characteristics, and attack and defensive end awareness. Values are located between numbers 1-100. Electronic Arts has released the top 50 players’ list on its page according to these values. You can see the list here.

NHL 23 is currently in a closed beta test phase and the game is scheduled to be released on 14.10.2022.

NHL Finland reported.

Jute refined: Hughes had also opened up the values of his brother in the game.