The network Russiangas1 opened up on September 11: an apparently Russian troll showed exactly how affordable gas is in Russia as well as lost it with pleasures. But after a stream over 95 hrs it was apparently too stupid: the canal was outlawed.

These are the varieties of the network:

This was seen on the network: As the web page reports, a Twitch user who claimed that he was Russian, showed exactly how a gas range runs endlessly and simply burns gas.

We managed how expensive it is to operate a console with the current electricity rates.

Apparently the Giant intended to send a sort of you have that currently right into the globe with the campaign.

  • The Russiangas1 network opened up on Twitch on September 11 and sent out the first 3 days practically without spectators.
  • From September 16, the channel was discovered by some spectators: on December 17th it really started. This stream lasted 94.5 hours, began to go viral, as well as apparently finished with a Twitch ban on the early morning of September 21.
  • In overall, the network was on the air for 131 hours-in the top he reached 2595 viewers.

On a screenshot you can see the heading From Russia with Love as well as 1.44 euros/month. Apparently, this must say that it just costs 1.44 euros a month to allow the gas burner run regularly.

Apparently the Twitch stream was planned as a justification to demonstrate how positive the gas remains in Russia: the Ukraine War and also a scarcity of gas distribution as a political pressure against financial permissions of the West is costly in Germany and Europe Becoming-this is currently leading to a social discussion in Germany: electricity as well as gas rates are raising, the economy can be seen endangered.

Streamer collected streams for oven to match the gas cooker

This is exactly how the stream is defined: The page claims: In the stream there was a message in Russian: individuals must be good together. A giggling person was received the lower left corner.

It is said that the banner also gathered donations to acquire a stove that fits the gas heater.

The Avatar of the Twitch Banner was an Orc-a prominent Ukrainian swear word for Russians.

Our knowledge on Mango refers to gaming. If you desire to take a better check out the problem of Russia with Ukraine, we advise that you figure out more on official web pages or on information magazines:


We have repetitively dealt with the effects of the war in Ukraine:.

Siblings stream on Twitch from Ukraine-are interrupted by bombs.

It can be that the vice post was doomed to the channel, since the canal was apparently outlawed, quickly after the short article showed up.

The network Russiangas1 opened on September 11: an apparently Russian troll showed how low-cost gas is in Russia as well as wasted it with happiness. After a stream over 95 hours it was apparently as well stupid: the canal was banned.

As reported from, the link of the channel was shared to telegram groups. The network contains pro-Russian messages.

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  • War in Ukraine (through NZZ).
  • Ukraine live blog site (using time).
  • Uniformity with Ukraine (using the Federal Foreign Workplace).

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