Passing the quests of Mickey Mouse in Disney Dream light Valley, he will tell you that he misses Minnie, and a picnic will help him feel better. He will ask you to cook two sandwiches with fish and five Kurd for a quest. Here’s how to make sandwiches with fish and Crudités for the Mickey quest in Disney Dream light Valley.

To make enough sandwiches with fish and sneakers to complete the mission, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 fish (any fish)
  • 2 wheat
  • 5 carrots

To cook these dishes, you will have to find a stove. Mickey Mouse has a stove in the house if you do not have it in your home or somewhere in the world.

How to cook fish sandwiches in Dream light Valley

For sandwiches with fish, add one fish and also one wheat to the stove to create a dish. Make two of them, and you are ready to go to Crudités.


How to cook Erudite in Dream light Valley

Despite the name, Crudités is one of the simplest dishes in Disney Dream light Valley. To make crudités, just add one carrot to the stove and create a dish. Do it five times, and you will have dishes necessary to complete the quest.

Return to Mickey and give him the dishes to go to the next step of the quest. Mickey will ask you to go with him in a great place for a picnic. Follow him to a large pond located in the meadow after the Sufi house. Talk to Mickey there, and you will complete the quest by earned a lot of experience in Mickey’s friendship and bring you one step closer to the return of Minnie Mouse.

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