Logitech’s new G Aurora series promises a lot of itself. Maybe even too much. Its purpose is to modestly break the gendered stereotype of peripherals and provide high-quality products for everyone on terms that are usually forgotten when designing them.

The first impression was not the best. At Logitech’s launch event, the introduction of new devices focused strongly on pink shades and heart-shaped carrying bags. Things that, wanted or not have been stereotypical for a century. And that’s not it, but when the starting point is to break these stereotypes, the style and atmosphere of the advertising video seemed contradictory. When asked about one of the designers in the series, he replied that the color was the wish of the test group, which surprised the designers. The final style since design progressed on the conditions of the test group.

The colors have no gender, but we know how dull stereotypes have formed around them over the years. The goal of this line is to shape the discussion in a healthier direction.

When the test equipment finally arrived, I was simultaneously surprised that I was impressed with what I saw. The prejudices turned out to be useless when the package revealed a collection of vanilla and soft blue shades that even exacerbated serenity. Throughout the line, combined design and policies make the whole feel luxurious. They have the same nuances as Apple’s individual design. They are the interior elements in the same way as a computer cover or display.

But just a good look does not mean anything if the user experience is stale. So how did the Aurora G collection succeed in the last month in daily use at home and around the world? Surprisingly well, even with more different users.

G705 Wireless Mouse

However, the only product for a clearly different audience turned out to be a surprise to the series. Only 85 grams of wireless mouse is downright tiny, at least in my own gorilla-like hands. Based on the first contact, the G705 even seems to be shameful. It has a height just over ten centimeters, and its width remains below four. It is difficult to recommend it to a raw couch potato because of its size. Heavy playing over the years with bigger controllers has not prepared the finger for such a subtle experience. Instead, my much smaller partner stated that size and design was perfect. You can see compatibility as soon as someone outside the current stereotypical standard drops their hands over the device. The mouse’s slim design is revealed to be a carefully considered entity, where the buttons are downright artistic efficiency.

In addition, the G705 is an extremely free stream. Under normal use, it can be worn for more than 40 hours without charging all the delicacies and lighting on, but in mixed use the mouse could do even longer. There was never a situation in everyday use when it would have failed to do in the process. The cleverly packed USB-C charging grille is safe if you need a power pack on your journey. Thanks to its size, this idea is not absurd either. On the Games com trip, the G705 turned out to be a great travel partner, who never had to download or think in the middle of a heavy trip. In home use, the G705 horses itself in the same Bluetooth receiver as other Logitech products, which prevents you from fearing the lead or confused USB jungle.

Usually [peripherals] comes the feeling that you should have a pulse elevated all the time and your teeth in the grin.
It’s strange how much of this calmer approach affects the whole

For gaming, the G705 is an easy-to-use skill. Technical specs are exactly what this class expects from the peripheral device. Six programmable buttons, 8200 dpi, programmable RGB lighting and Bluetooth with Logitech’s Light speed technology. As a long-time Logitech user, I did not notice any actual difference with this and my own G502 mouse. The use of both is smooth and hassle-free from the first start.

However, the device is not exactly planned for me. Its goal is to provide a high quality gaming experience for those who are usually overshadowed by our cake fingers. As a result, the G705 reached the hands of my partner and a younger cousin girl. The feedback was overflowing throughout. Whether it’s a strategy game, Minecraft or a quick start Apex Legends, the G705 got just incense. Particular praise came for the design, which was first described as suitable for those who usually hate the game mice. The gentle and soothing visual appearance, where the mouse’s LED lights glow in the colors of the evening sun, also gathered admiration.

This made gaming a relaxing experience, was a recap. Usually, This becomes such that you should have a pulse elevated and your teeth in the grin. It is strange how much a calmer approach affects the whole.

G715 Wireless keyboard

For the past five years, I have believed all my gaming in the lovely embrace of the Logitech G512 keyboard. I chose it for two reasons. Its mechanical keys are the quietest in their class and is black. For its size and weight, the keyboard could be described by comparing it with the size of the overweight terrier. So my preferences are in the opposite direction of what the G715 is seeking. So it is even more significant that this cloudy-cloudy color and slope beautifully replaced my former monolithic.

The reasons for the exchange are also surprising. On the face of the G715 goes upstream in almost everything I am used to. Its light, even soft design reminds me of a hiking afternoons with blogging or work. It is completely missing. It is in every way diva. Something that does not immediately declare itself as a significant competitor in gaming.

The appearance of the G715 is minimalist, restrained and elegant.

But so is the purpose. Here is a device that has been eliminated by Gielgud stereotypes. It does not need to threaten or annoy. Instead, the whole is minimalist, restrained and elegant. It almost requires updating the rest of the room to reflect a new stylish addition.

In addition, writing and playing is heavenly. This and all articles for the last couple of weeks are written with G715. The mechanical PBT switches click charm and their resistance is just right for long sessions. I have also noticed that the emphasis has reduced incorrect clicks to some extent. In gaming, the keyboard’s slightly textured touch surface makes long sessions meaningful.

The cloud-shaped wrist support that came with the keyboard was far too small for your own use, but the younger generation and the most beautiful sex representative both praised it.

The first thing was the simple but beautiful look on the keyboard.

At first glance, the verdict was clear: I want this to my office. I don’t even have to use it as long as it just sits on the table and is pretty.

When the G715 got up to speed, praise began to be praised for the keyboard’s delightfully ping-pingagous mechanical switches and the shocks printed with a larger font.

With the basic settings, the G715 uses quite bright colors for LED backing, which, especially on the white keyboard, caused a bit of problems in the bright light. Fortunately, Logitech’s G-Suite software made the fault easily repaired. With a slight harsh, the backlight gave a slightly stronger contrast and the whole thing played without problems.

I want this to my office. I don’t even have to use it as long as it just sits on the table, and it’s pretty.

In gaming, the keyboard also garnered praise. Civilization 5 and banished sat easily with a subdued configuration. The Apex Legends, which requires a faster hole, also seemed to be better connected thanks to the switches of the soil, but maybe it’s too early to start drawing conclusions on it. The combined use with the G705 mouse also delighted with its small size. Surprisingly, much more space was found on the home office table after a wireless combo. More traditional office work also turned out to be enjoyable. Writing is accurate, and the keys are just the right size for longer pipes.

A younger generation representative tested both with a laptop, which he said that the mouse was better suited to his own taste. The advantage of the laptop is just to fit in a small space, so the increase in the keyboard, even if it was comfortable to use, took too many hectares of accustomed. It is unlikely to be recommended to the travelers or many in the shop without reservation. At home, its ownership was even fought, which is usually just a good sign.

G735 wireless headphones

The most anticipated piece of the whole was the G735 headphones, the design and ergonomic implementation of which, according to advertising, promised several hours of uninterrupted gambling without discomfort. However, the first impression was skeptical. Although the new design and much stiffer metal body feels significantly better, the materials themselves are very close to the same one offered. But just a quarter experiment proves the original fears to be useless. The G735 sits nicely in the skull like a skull. Even my own Sputnik megastructure does not cause problems for it.

Like its siblings, the G735 is a stream and an effective packaging throughout. It uses the same LightS peed system as others, which allows one USB receiver enough. RGB lighting on headphones can be reached for 18 hours of continuous use. If your own knob does not want to illuminate during games, the battery life of the headphones will rise to a huge 56 hours. However, in daily use, this should not be considered. Lighting tips on how much the batteries will be kicking in the batteries when you start charging you don’t have to stop playing. The USB-C cable just sticks to the machine and the job goes on. Thanks to the sustainable structure, the headphones also work well in travel. You can save two different profiles to the headphones and the adjustments allow the game and chat sounds to be perfect for your hearing.

Only Bluetooth connections are occasionally tangled. A few times you have been able to turn on and off the power to re-recognize the device. However, this could not be repeated on the laptop, so it may well be that the fault is on the desktop.

The other two members of the test group strengthen the feelings. The G735 of the entire product group is the only one that could be recommended without reservation, regardless of size, age and gender. Even the long sessions did not cause the headphones to heat or sweat. The design and breathable material felt as comfortable after several hours as at the beginning of the game session. The ear pads are just the right thing that a hoodie like me sits without mocking them. Clever and less planeload knobs can enjoy heavenly comfort without problems.

G735 headphones can be recommended to anyone, regardless of size, age or gender.

The technical implementation is iron-wide throughout. The sound worlds of action-oriented games were accurately repeated, and especially on the shooter side, the enemies’ steps separated for a long time. Chat with friends via Discord worked well, but the sound quality of the headphones was described as flat. With small adjustments, this problem was also partially corrected, but for example, they cannot be recommended without reservations for filming game videos or recording narrative.

Despite the small must, the G735 headphones are the best in their price range you get with money. Their comfort is like the other world, and finally, it seems that the perfect spacing has been found in the midst of elegance and practicality. If the acquisition of new headphones is on the horizon, here is one of the best options at the moment.

White Mist Blue Yeti

In the end, Blue Yeti, a slightly more serious enthusiast and novice podcasts, ended up with a bit of a white haze. The snow-white Yeti finally shows his role model, and it is not bad. The white monolith is handsome to watch as soon as you pull out of the box. At the table or on the Mickey Board, it takes attention just like other products in the series.

Qualitatively, this is again the Blue Yeti series. The sound quality is excellent throughout, even in poor acoustics, and there is no need to make a few small repairs to the fact that Mike can be enjoyed completely. Yeti sparks the speech exactly even after a longer distance, but the best quality is about a meter away. Even the keyboard’s rumble does not seem to disturb the chat, even though Nikki should be on the table without a separate platform. The sturdy metallic chassis still sets the bar for others.

Blue Yeti is at the magical point where the price and quality meet. In addition, it looks divinely stunning.

However, Yeti is not suitable for every1. My spouse and the younger generation did not warm up to a heavy and sturdy device that felt loose to the rest of the series. The color scheme was once again admired, but for the so-called ordinary user, the sound quality was not a big enough attraction to want a separate Nikki. When the G735 headphones were available, the selection ended every time for the easier use and transport of headphones.

But for those who know they need better iron for playing, streaming or podcast recording, Blue Yeti is at the magical point where the price and quality meet. Above all, it looks divinely stunning now.

More, please

Logitech’s G Aurora Collection is one of the most refreshing surprises of the year.

Nowadays, peripherals come out of every mute, but few of them actually make an effect anymore.
In addition, everyone promises to change the world in some way, and none does it.
Aurora Collection will also not change the worldview of the toxic web carers, but it is still an important role model for those who have already begun to desperate in front of the peripheral market supply.
It shows that traditional molds are worn because they are used unimaginatively and without understanding who could play with them.
By taking into account those that are usually not listened to, logitech designers have created an excellent collection that should also act as a revival for hardened troops.
They may not change the world in one fell swoop, but there is a future.