The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Special Investigation Department arrested Kadokawa, Chairman of KATAKANA Co., Ltd., on September 14. In relation to corruption cases over the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, suspicions of being involved in bribery have increased (current affairs dot com).

Kadokawa is the chairman of KATAKANA Co., Ltd. Joined the company in 1966 as a child of Katakana Shorten founder Genii Katakana. He has been an executive until he has since passed the Katakana Shorten’s holdings, the change of trade name to KATAKANA, and the integration of Django. And KATAKANA is a company that controls the entertainment field in general, such as publishing and video, as well as game businesses. Game companies under the umbrella include spike Chen soft and from software.

Regarding the arrest, the background of the recent corruption over the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The other day, former directors of the Organizing Committee of the Tournament were arrested for allegedly breeding from KATAKANA. In addition, both the Olympic and Paralympic Management and the Katakana side were arrested, with two former managing KATAKANA, Saudi Yoshihide, and Katakana. This time, Mr. Katakana seems to have been arrested due to the strongest possibility of being involved in bribery.