Second Dinner’s new work, which was founded by Hearthstone key developers such as Ben Broad Hamilton Chu, Dragon Woo and Tomato Kindred, will be released on the PC and mobile on October 18.

Disney announced on the 10th that the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase will confirm the release date of Marvel Snap to October 18 and play all over the world through PC and mobile.

Marvel Snap, the first work to be released after the establishment of the Second Dinner, has received a lot of attention from the first release as a new card game by Hearthstone Development. In May, the game release_ The core developers at the time of the announcement of online events with me introduced this work as a great speed. Marvel Snap shortened the game by about 3 minutes through the competition that tied the turns of the two players together instead of the play.


If the speed of speed was emphasized in the first release, the trailer was easy to learn. In particular, the commentary in the trailer explained that Marvel Snap is as easy as the basic card game, the politer.

Disney will also make a reservation ahead of the global launch on October 18. In particular, the introduction and image of mobile markets as well as the video were applied to Korean language.