Netays Games, a digital entertainment game company, is a ‘Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’ and a formal license and developed and serviced by the Lord of the Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. Today’s new season ‘Ring of Power: The King of Human’ was formally reflected in the server.

The Ring of the New Season Power, which was officially updated: In the king of humanity, users are ‘Manminas’, ‘Orsang’, ‘Kine Land’, ‘Haradbard’, ‘Dolam Ross’, ‘Oskillias’, It is necessary to win the immortal kingdom by winning the rings of power that exists in eight newly expanded mid-world regions such as’ and ‘ombter’.

In the process of adventure and conquest of eight regions, as possible, the first compensation plan, which is determined by the personal contribution road in this process, the ranking and the number of power ring secured by the kingdom. Custom compensation is paid according to the user’s active performance until the second compensation plan, where the compensation standards are determined.

Based on the absolute power of the power of the power, the ultimate direction of the ‘absolute ring’, which is inherent in the wicked fortress ‘Dol Gudur’ located in the southern part of the dark forest, is the same, and all users are ‘Nume’ Norin’s Descendants’ Settings can be registered without the distinction of forces and races.

In addition, this season begins with the setting of the Numenorian descendant, but to maintain the basic game design of ‘confrontation between good and evil’ and the tastes of ‘Kondor Barracks’ and ‘Rune Barracks’ Support for free choices.

After winning the ring of power and proclaiming the founding, it will spread through the server notice. The basic composition of the state is the strongest tactical artist, and a total of five lords, including the king, will rule the state together. If a vacancy occurs during the lord, the king may request the elliptical or alliance to join the National Union.

In addition, the new season is added by the ‘Harard’, which revealed its presence with the overwhelming advancement using the super-large battle elephant ‘Mumakil’ at the end of the film part 3, and the ‘Kand’ region, which participated in the war as a alliance of Mordor. As it expands to the southwest, it is expected to present a vast worldview than the existing confrontation season.


The new season’s power ring: The event to commemorate the update of the King of Humans will be held until September 9th. If you upload herbal photos and brief introductions to the Wedmas Herb and Pre-bulletin boards located in the official café and the lounge, you will receive 20,000 won for 5 people through the lottery.

Meanwhile, the new season power ring of the new season: The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings: The official lounge of the war can be seen in relation to the update content and the game event.