She-Hulk: Episode two of Attorney At Law formally reintroduced Emil Blonsky/Abomination in the MCU and showed a group of the Banner family, including the pride of his offspring, Ched Banner. However, there was a quick scene that showed Bruce and Jen talking on the phone that was going and left a great question: Where is the Hulk spacecraft going in She-Hulk? ? **?

Where is Hulk in the space in She-Hulk?

It is difficult to say with certainty where Hulk is flying that Sakaaryian spacecraft at this time because he was intentionally vague about where he was going. Obviously, being in a Sakaian ship would take most people to believe that the greenest avenger returns to Sakaar to tie some loose ends. Still, there is no way of knowing with sure where Va Hulk **.


However, that will not prevent people from speculating. While Hulk was in Sakaar from the end of Age of Ultron to Thor Ragnarok, two years passed. There is a lot of time that essentially was lost there, and it is possible that he is solving past disputes or trying to discover what happened exactly while he was there.

Potential History of Planet Skaar in MCU

A potential story that would make more sense implies that Hulk has a son named Skaar while he is in Sakaar (the story of the planet Skaar). They left him dead on the distant planet, but Skaar finally returns to Earth after Sarkaar’s destruction. Hulk’s son seeks revenge, but as in the MCU, Banner seems to have some gaps in memory that initially make him forget Skaar.

This story could take place in the MCU at this point, since it also includes She-Hulk working along with the fantastic four to prevent Skaar from starting a fight with Hulk. The group fears that Hulk’s reintroduction to Skaar would bring back the vicious side of Hulk that took care of Sakaar. In addition, the collateral damage of such a fight would be catastrophic.

The only part of this story that is not aligned is that Norman Osborn is the main antagonist in history since Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed that there is no Norman in the 616 MCU universe. Fortunately, there are many other evil geniuses in the history of Marvel comics to choose from a film adaptation of this story.

That is all we currently know about where Hulk’s spacecraft goes in She-Hulk . Surely, later, MCU programs and movies will be revealed later to finally reveal what the original Hulk is doing.

_ Outstanding image source : Marvel Studios/Disney+_

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