Gala, a blockchain entertainment company, announced on the 29th that it will introduce a planic node to the blockchain game spider tank.

The Spider Tank is a blockchain-based game to make your own tank and fight with your opponent.

Gala introduced a new planic node to the Spider Tank. Planier nodes are used as a means for users to participate in creating a game network environment.

It uses users’ own computer resources with a planic node to support each matchmaking system and gameplay network environment.

The user will be rewarded with the spider tank’s game token, Silk, when the planicular node program is operated for a certain amount of time.

In addition to the planical node, Gala has a variety of rewards. Users can get silk as a victory point that can be obtained through PVP content. Additional rewards are provided if there are in-game NFT items such as tank parts, maps and planets.


An official of Gala said, The introduction of this planic node is a new attempt to share the role and reward of existing game companies with users. We will do our best to show various innovations in the blockchain entertainment industry.