After disclosing himself at the beginning of the year during a PlayStation Showcase,The Last Employeeprovided her news during Gamescom. Published by Wired Productions, the narrative game signed Wolf & Timber will be launched on October 19, 2022 on PC via Heavy Steam, Epic Games Store and Gog, in addition to on PS5, Xbox Series as well as Change.

The Last Employee is definitely a dystopian narrative journey. As well as we will not take also much threat by verifying that its major goal is to knock the unwanteds of capitalism, and also at the very same time the over-automation of every little thing.

If presented as that the game seems to lead us right in the direction of anxiety, the workshop promises on the contrary an instead light game. The Last Worker must for that reason be as much a funny as a video game that leads the gamer to review specific aspects of our society.



The title therefore takes us to a globe filled up with shipment boxes as well as manufacturing chains. Just here, below the various devices valuable for the appropriate performance of the assembly line are, along with being self-governing, endowed with consciousness. This indicates that they are extremely quickly able to recognize that they only exist to function, secured in a storehouse, from birth to their fatality.

Qualities of The Last Employee