Developer Black Salt Games and Publisher Team 17 officially announced the fishery exploration RPG DREDGE on August 27. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam), and overseas PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It is scheduled to be released in 2023.

DREDGE is a fishery exploration RPG that solves the mystery hidden in the sea of the archipelago. The player operates a small fishing boat to explore the remote islands, The Marrows. It is said that various fish live in the island sea, and many ancient relics are sleeping. The purpose of the game is to go fishing, collect fish and relics, explore the islands, and solve the secrets of sleeping on the seabed.


There are 125 types of marine creatures around the island. By selling the fish caught to the island residents, it is a mechanism to earn the funds necessary to remodel the ship. By remodeling the ship based on the funds obtained by fishing, you can explore further islands and the sea. In addition, fishing may be able to collect relics and treasures on the seabed, which seems to be related to the request of residents. The load of the ship is managed by a grid-like inventory window, and it is a puzzle element that packs items and fish caught.

There is a concept of time on the sea, and the sea in the same form is not always spreading. The sea at night is inevitable, and the risk of stranding increases, and a terrible threat in the fog. In the trailer, you can see the first giant fish staring here and the tentacles like the octopus that extends towards the heavens. Sometimes it is necessary to confront these threats and go through the dangerous night sea. It has been suggested that this work has the so-called Cthulhu mythology motif.

The developer BLACK SALT GAMES uses this work as COSMIC HORROR, and David Mason, the sound designer of this work, posted photos on Twitter about the production of this work. The photos are shown in the recording equipment and the H.P. Love Craft, the creator of Cthulhu. He states with humor, saying that he is recording the sound of eerie followers turning the magic book page, accompanied by a book in a very evil binding.

DREDGE will be released in 2023. It will be distributed on a PC (Steam) for Japan.